2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse or Integration of User-Generated Content
Entrant Company BOLD AGENCY Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Contributing Company BOLD AGENCY Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
Media Agency OMD Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

For over 35 years, Alwaleed Philanthropies, AP, has been saving the lives of millions of people worldwide through alleviating poverty, providing disaster relief, empowering women and the youth, and bridging cultures. In 2015, with the rise in natural and man-made disasters, the number of lost lives reached 26,000. People worldwide were losing faith in humanity, expressing their anger and grief through social media platforms and on-ground demonstrations. There was a dire need for more hope and more help. As humanitarians, we wanted to restore people’s hope and encourage active participation from international NGOs, so we launched hope messages under a universal platform of belief: “Amen Humanity”. Our campaign echoed across TVs, publications, outdoors, and social media. On the microsite, visitors uploaded their personal prayers, taking a pledge to participate in AP’s call for humanity. The campaign was also endorsed by a popular youtube show. To back it up, we launched the “Amen for a Better Life” project, offering 10,000 houses and 10,000 cars to the needy in Saudi during Ramadan. This drove more than 245,000 online visitors to register for a grant, and gained the appreciation of world leaders. On a global scale, we sponsored the 10 KSA event to form the largest breast cancer awareness ribbon in Guinness world records. While online followers soared from 57,000 to 260,000, website visits during the campaign reached 3 million. The online activations had more than 25,000 participants. In response to the campaign, AP received 1200 volunteer submissions from more than 50 countries. Global project requests from humanitarian organizations soared to 18,500. AP was invited by Global Goals to be the lead partner in the Middle East and Africa for tackling global warming issues till 2030. In addition, the organization collaborated with UNHCR to sustainably support Syrian refugees worldwide.

Online followers reached 260,000, and website visits reached 3 million. Online activations had more than 25,000 participants. Amen for a Better Life drove 245,000 visitors to register for grants. AP received 1200 volunteer submissions and 18,500 international project requests. Its global presence was reinforced through the invitation by Global Goals to be the lead partner representing MENA for tackling global warming issues. With thousands of participants in activations and millions of visits, the emotional uplift on individuals was evident. Thousands received homes and cars. Concerning humanitarian organisations, their requests to partner with AP revealed a greater will to help globally.


Name Company Role
Abeer Alessa Bold Advertising Est Managing Director
Mohammad Baalbaki bold advertising Est ECD
Rashad Moglbay Bold Advertising Est Strategy director
Ziad Abou Rjeily Bold Advertising Est Creative Technologist
Mahmoud Nasab Bold Advertising Est Operations Manager
Aljohara Alrasheed Bold Advertising Est Senior Art Director
Yazeed Alhayef Bold Advertising Est Account Manager
Fahed Awkal Bold Advertising Est Production Manager
Joyce Abou Rjeili Bold Advertising Est web developer
Shaden Almutlaq Bold Advertising Est account planer
Tajammul Khan Bold Advertising Est Graphic Designer
Sara Nasr Bold Advertising Est Senior copywriter
Akram Douglas Millimeter Productions Executive Producer
Ali Maasarani Millimeter Productions Executive Producer
Jalaludin Trautmann Millimeter Productions Director/DOP
Benjamin Frik Millimeter Productions Assistant Camera
Michael Schlucker Benchbeat.de
Raphael Schalz Benchbeat.de
indri ihn Illustrator
Monica Ferri The Drasik studio Animation