2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse or Integration of User-Generated Content
Contributing Company DIGITAL REPUBLIC Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

For years, Freska’s brand essence communicates everything that’s astonishing and bewildering. Due to the incredible reach of the internet, our target audience is exposed to multiple social platforms that pop up in a minute; every day they’re exposed to all sorts of different and peculiar things. With that level of exposure the odd becomes ordinary and few things astonish them anymore. For a brand that’s all about astonishment that was a catastrophe, so we needed to own that online platform again and win back the fans. Egyptians love to spice up their daily conversations, adding twists and details that obviously didn’t exist. The same could apply to an Indian movie with its far fetched storylines. And since Egyptians are big fans of Indian movies we decided to bring those two together and give fans their own Indian movie where all the rules of logic don’t apply. We created a technology on a microsite that helped fans come up with their own Hindi-hasha story, and make their own Indian movie! All they needed to do was choose one of many Indian movie scenes available on the microsite. They then had to upload a video of themselves telling their own personalized interpretation of that scene, thereby making their own astonished Indian movie. We explained the concept and structure the uploads should follow by making our own farfetched, and funny hindi-hasha videos. The 6 videos struck a chord with fans and encouraged them to create their own videos.

For a culture that’s normally not very responsive to activations that require you to upload a video; we got over 60,000 fans engaged with each post and over 270 video submissions. The total video reach was over 3 million unique people and the average engagement rate on Facebook increased from 7% prior to the campaign to an astonishing 16% during the activation. Moreover there were over 750 thousand engaged and a remarkable 831,934 video views.


Name Company Role
Ismail Ternawly Digital Republic Head of Account Management
Randa Habib Digital Republic Digital Media Consultant
Asmaa Yehia Digital Republic Associate Creative Director
Mostafa Kerdani Digital Republic Senior Copywriter
Rehab Rehan Digital Republic Senior Graphic Designer
Islam Momtaz Digital Republic Senior Videographer/Editor
Ahmed Saad Digital Republic Senior UI Developer
Ibrahim Mohamed Digital Republic Senior Sofrware Engineer
Nada Marsafy Digital Republic Social Media Manager
Lobna Akrab Digital Republic Producer