2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryLive Experience
Entrant Company DEKATLON BUZZ Istanbul, TURKEY
Contributing Company DEKATLON BUZZ Istanbul, TURKEY

The Campaign

Turkey’s favorite football team Fenerbahçe had a crucial away game against Molde at the UEFA Cup.. We asked ourselves, what would happen if Turkish Airlines, being the team’s shirt sponsor, decided to bring the love of fans from the ground and into the sky. We began producing an enormous jersey, big enough to be seen from the sky. 12 people worked for 168 hours during the production of the jersey. The jersey was so large that it covered the area of 25.000 regular sized ones. The day before the game, the Turkish Airlines plane carrying the Fenerbahçe team took off to Norway. Or at least, that’s what the players thought… Along with special permission, we changed the plane’s route. The pilot also agreed to play along and flew at a low altitude over the stadium.At that moment an announcement was heard inside the cabin. The pilot asked the players to look out the window for the surprise farewell the fans had prepared with Turkish Airlines' help. The fans opened the enormous Fenerbahçe jersey in the middle of the stadium.This turned into a very special farewell and huge motivation for the team, on their way to Molde. Just before the teams game, we shared the video on social media and dedicated this huge micro-moment to Fenerbahçe fans around the world.

The video we shared on social media got over 9 million impressions, 3.3 million views and 74 thousand likes. 15 thousand shares and 1100 comments on Facebook. 5500 retweets on Twitter. Our hashtag #YerdeGökteYan?nday?z had 10.8 million impressions. Our surprise was also covered on over 100 news websites. Fenerbahçe won the game in Molde and we were able to win the attention on social media with our project.


Name Company Role
Can Ertem Dekatlon Buzz Creative Director
Erkan Macit Dekatlon Buzz Creative Group Head
Semih Çavuşlar Dekatlon Buzz Creative Project Manager
Yasemin Göker Dekatlon Buzz Account Manager
Emir Kaymakoğlu Dekatlon Buzz Copywriter
Batuhan Balıbey Dekatlon Buzz Producer
Aytaç Yazıcı Dekatlon Buzz Project Co-ordinator
Neşet Dereli Turkish Airlines Interactive Marketing and Communication Manager
İnanç Emre Albayrak Turkish Airlines Interactive Marketing and Communication Supervisor
Nil Yakışan Turkish Airlines Interactive Marketing and Communication Specialist
Manuel Calvo Cameraman
Frank Knipschild Editor