2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryOriginal Game or Use of Gaming
Entrant Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Contributing Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Contributing Company 2 POSSIBLE CEE Budapest, HUNGARY

The Campaign

Horlicks is a nutrition-product with scientifically proven benefits for the development and growth of children. It can actually claim to help children grow tall, strong and sharp. This attractive claim has compelled many mothers. BUT: just because it is the right and good thing does not mean that children love it. In order to accelerate growth and drive brand love, GSK realised it had to move beyond winning moms with facts to exciting and engaging kids directly. Ultimately, kids' pester power needed to be kissed alive. NutriQuest is the platform, story and game to do just that. It is the gamification of everything the brand and product entails, packaging branded messages in a way that's fun and relevant for kids. It's based on a powerful narrative tapping into archetypical themes: good versus evil; bad science against good science; good kids against bad adults. The story: the Horlicks factory has been captured by the robot army of an evil scientist who wants to stop children from growing tall, strong and sharp. Only kids can stop him - lead by a group of four child heroes. In the game, children create their own character out of countless options. Then, they go on a obstacle-ridden, robot-infested journey through 3 worlds and 30 levels in stunning 2.5D design. A state of the art platform game, ready to compete with the best paid-for games, yet: it's free, it's safe and it is fun for a long time. Crucially, game mechanics are branded: in-game-currency are Nutris; in order to win, you need to use TALL, STRONG and SHARP boosters. Also: across all touchpoints the media supporting this game use the storyline and characters to engage the audience. With special edition packs deploying unique codes for extra game content – linking the game directly to driving sales.

Strategy and approach paid off in a big way. In the core campaign period (June-August 2015) all predefined metrics and KPI for impressions, reach, conversion, downloads and active engagement were exceeded by far (over-indexing at astonishing +250 to +375). Importantly the core audience of children appreciated this effort as proven in social media sentiment, active participation and game ratings - NutriQuest consistently achieved 4+ app ratings & reviews across both App Store & Google Play. And finally, the content and platform did more than merely entertain: they yielded a 25% increase in sales directly related to the campaign - measured in uptake of special edition packs (and redemption rates of codes) in participating outlets. Based on these outstanding results, the Horlicks NutriQuest branded entertainment property is currently seeing expanded roll out in other geographies and is earmarked for sequels in the near future. (Detailed results are supplied as confidential information for the jury only.)


Name Company Role
Michael Duffy GSK VP/Global Business Lead/Family Nutrition/GI
Tom Wells/Tom Shuttleworth/Jamie Stone/Goodies Narayanan GSK Category Marketing Team
Karim Wally/Murtaza Mahjooz GSK Area and Regional Marketing Team (Pakistan)
Till Hohmann Grey Group APAC Executive Creative Director
Antonio Bonifacio/Sara Badr/Haniah Omar/Eugene Tan/Luis Fabra/Sebastian Quek/Nat Grey Group Singapore Conceptual Lead and Creative Team
Brendan Cravitz/Lauren Reilly Grey Group Singapore Agency Producers
Mimi Nicklin/Tom Evans/Penelope Wetherill/Celestine Quek/Sanjana Chappalli/Leong Grey Group Singpore Account Management and Planning Team
Tibor Gulyas/Andras Nagy Possible Games Lead Developer/Project Directors
Adam Beczkiewicz/Peter Bikki/Mark Kormondi/Imre Budai/Ferenc Hallgato/Norbert Ur Possible Games Games Design and Art Team
Kornel Meszaros/Tamas Varga/Jozsef Pesti Possible Games Programming Team
Gloria Gyori/Gabor Megellai/Gabor Radi Possible Games Quality Assurance Team
Thierry Marchand Ground Control Films Director
Michael Stanish/Phoebe Scott/Mark Gregory/Rachel Wright Ground Control Films Production and CG Supervision Team
Chris Hutchinson/Ian Potsos/Anneli Larson/Luke Satiani/Ben Mars/Eduardo Castells Ground Control Films 3D Design and 2S Compositing Team
Alessandra Milani/Valentina Ventiniglia/Theo Davies/Ben Vince/Jill Wooster/Giles Ground Control Films Editing/Retouching and Concept Artist Team
Jim Jakala/Andres Williams through Ground Control Films Voice Actors
Brian Yessian/Jeff Fiorello Yessian Music/Sound Design Project Lead and Producer Team
Mike Baluha/Benjamin Lantz/Philippe LeSaux/Scotty Gatteno Yessian Music/Sound Design Game and Trailer Sound Design/Mix/Music Editing Team
Maddy Rao/Raza Syed/Ali Haider/Rafay Farooqi/Ghulam Jilani Mindshare Media Planning Team
Amna Khatib/Alina Khan/Jehangir Hussain/Uzair Anwer Mindshare/Group M Digital Media Planning Team