2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse or Integration of Music
Contributing Company LEO BURNETT CAIRO, EGYPT
Media Agency UM7 Cairo, EGYPT
Production Company LIGHTHOUSE FILMS Cairo, EGYPT

The Campaign

Devoted to giving, the month of Ramadan was the chance for Mobinil, Egypt’s first telecom operator, to inspire Egyptians to give unconditionally, using the unbranded ‘#Anonymous_Giver’ on useful utilities placed across Cairo’s streets. In no time a wave of generosity was filling the streets as participants, including public figures, urged others to join the movement, filling Cairo with compassion that was spreading on ground and on social media. With music being a uniting tradition during Ramadan, underground bands were outsourced to sing for the public using #Anonymous_Giver_Sing_For_Good. Only then does Mobinil reveal itself in a TVC capturing widespread unconditional giving. Mobinil wanted to inspire Egyptians to give unconditionally using the unbranded ‘#Anonymous_Giver’.

With around 18.3 million impressions across main social media, and supported by over 5 million video views, #Anonymous_Giver not only became the talk of the town during the month of Ramadan, but it also witnessed significant cases of change in behavior as additional, people-led acts of goodness were spreading in the country, triggered by Mobinil’s initiative of giving unconditionally.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leoburnett-cairo Chief Creative Officer
Amr Darwish Leoburnett-cairo Managing Director
Mohamed Fouad Leoburnett-cairo Creative Director
Osama Arnaouty Leoburnett-cairo Creative Director
Tarek Metawe Leoburnett-cairo Art Director
Ahmed Soliman Leoburnett-cairo Art Director
Khaled El Sherbiny Leoburnett-cairo Copywriter
Mohamed Abu Eleneien Leoburnett-cairo Account Director
Amr Ammar Leoburnett-cairo Account Director
Seif Ismail Leoburnett-cairo Account Manager
Mohamed Yousri Leoburnett-cairo Planning Director
Karim Khodeir Leoburnett-cairo Agency Producer