2014 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Cairo, EGYPT
Production Company FILM CLINIC Cairo, EGYPT

Brief Explanation

Being young is not easy, especially when you’re a college student with mount-loads of coursework and a boost of energy is a must to get through the day. So the advertisement portrays an extreme set of steps to charge your energy and gain control over your work versus the very achievable way, which is through eating a Moro bar. The protagonist is seen lost between all the books and assignments he has to do with no energy left to study. Then the extreme scenario to recharge is played out when the VO suggests that the protagonist should get five trucks, a band to pump him up and five Rottweiler dogs to scare him, in case he wanted to back out of these steps. He’s asked to place the wire in place and electrocute himself to recharge and finish his work. Or he could just eat a Moro to get energy and finish his assignments.


Name Role
Sherif Nashed Creative Director
Karim Soliman Copywriter
Ahmed Arnaouty Art Director
Dalia Yehia Agency Producer
Amr Bassiouni Account Supervisor
Hassan Mahfouz Producer
Mohamed Zayat Director