2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryPromotional Item Design
Advertising Agency FP7/DXB Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Brief Explanation

Finding great creative talent is a constant struggle in the region. The talented ones are usually already employed by competitive agencies so, we needed to find a way to attract them without incurring expensive headhunter fees. We did our homework and went after the talent we really wanted to join our team.

The Brief

With out portfolio of clients ever-growing, we set out to expand our creative department and hire new creative talent.

How the final design was conceived

We created the Poaching Phone - The ultimate recruitment tool that infiltrated Dubai's top Advertising Agencies and attracted their best talent. A mobile phone was programmed with only one contact, our ECD's number. It was then cleverly disguised inside the pages of our beautifully designed faux industry self-help books. Each unique book was personalised to potential candidates in a truly memorable way, highlighting how they could advance their careers with us. We transformed each book into a potential job interview and sent it to 4 prospective hires.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We had 100% response rate within our first week of delivering the Poaching Phones. Our ECD received 3 phone calls from our shortlisted candidates. In a little over a month, we hired 4 new creatives to our team: A world-class Art Director, An incredibly talented Design Director, and a Young Lions winning team. Projected cost of traditional recruitment fees: AED 300,000 ($81,967). Total cost of creating the Poaching Phone Book: AED 6,000 ($1,639) Total cost of the Mobile Phones: AED 0! (thanks to our Sony client for donating them to us. Total savings: 98% of our projected recruitment cost.


Name Company Role
Paul Banham FP7/DXB Executive Creative Director
Husen Baba FP7/DXB Creative Director
Paul Banham FP7/DXB Creative Director
Ali Mokdad FP7/DXB Creative Group Head
Husen Baba FP7/DXB Art Director
Joseph Alipio FP7/DXB Art Director
Paul Banham FP7/DXB Art Director
Ali Mokdad FP7/DXB Art Director
Ali Mokdad FP7/DXB Copywriter
Paul Banham FP7/DXB Copywriter
Ryan Atkinson FP7/DXB Head Of Design
Khalid Hamza FP7/DXB Agency Producer
Nina Mourad FP7/DXB Advertiser Supervisor
Jaques Mulder Muddville Director
Ashraf Mohammed/Unny Editor
Adam Browning Hill Photographer