2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryBroadcast Design and Graphics
Advertising Agency OSN Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Advertising Agency 2 ANGELSIGNS Milan, ITALY

Brief Explanation

The key challenge was the volume of deliverable for the available budget. Over 88 elements were created plus audio. The objectives were: • Position OSN as the premium network. • Create synergies between the OSN brand, its channels, genres, and services. • Create a toolkit of elements that could be leveraged by the marketing and on-air promotions department to maximize resources and branding. • Create a toolkit of parts for genre and network promotions as well as OSN's services (OSN Play, OSN Privileges). • Develop a strategy to weave OSN's social media and added benefits into all their on-air communication.

The Brief

OSN, the region’s leading pay-TV network wanted to refresh its on-air brand identity strengthening its position as an iconic and premium brand relevant to its viewers. The network is the standard for regional broadcasting with premium content and delivery of innovative firsts enhancing the viewer experience, including the introduction of High Definition (HD), 3D television, On-Demand and PVR (Personal Video Recording). The brief - develop a comprehensive on-air identity including ids, packaging for the platform and channels, as well as the ppv and on-demand services. The creative had to be breakthrough and put viewers at the heart of the campaign.

How the final design was conceived

The final design was based on the brief of creating a differentiated solution. Our design direction was rooted in one of the key lines of the brief ‘Develop a strategy to weave our social media into our on-air communication.’ What better way to reinforce OSN’s position as a premium brand relevant to our local viewers than including their tweets and posts in our designs? We also incorporated social addresses. The social media was woven into the ids and packaging. This allowed us to reflect the diversity of the area, all within the OSN platform.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Since its launch on September 1st, 2013, the new package has had a positive impact on both – OSN brand awareness and OSN advertisement recall in all OSN's core markets. Brand awareness has risen by 9% in KSA, 9% in UAE and 13% in Egypt, while Ad awareness has improved by 13% in KSA, 12% in UAE and 3% in Egypt. Additionally, the new on-air look marks a significant first for the region’s broadcast industry integrating customer engagement via social media with the TV viewing experience. Note: Independent survey across OSN target markets conducted by SPA.


Name Company Role
Bethany Bunnell OSN Executive Creative Director
Danilo Parie Angelsigns Creative Director
Alessandro Bianco Angelsigns Managing Director
Youssef Abou Bakr OSN Head Of Creative Services
Subbiah Devaj OSN Creative Director/On/Air Promotions