2014 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryPromotional Item Design
Entrant Company IMPACT & ECHO BBDO Safat, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency IMPACT BBDO GROUP Kuwait City, KUWAIT

Brief Explanation

Hair and Beauty Salons are one of the few places where people feel cut off from the world, since they are not able to access their mobile phones and tablets. Also people don't usually like to pause the stylist or hairdresser repeatedly in the middle of a session, as it may lead to a bad hair day. We had to find a way to re-connect people with their favorite gadget, so they could catch up with their social world without interruptions.

The Brief

As the number two telecom operator in the country, Wataniya Telecom is always looking to find new avenues of Mobile Phone usage and engage customers in exciting new ways.

How the final design was conceived

We designed and produced a first-of-its-kind Hair Salon apron with a see-through plastic window. Through this transparent window, the person can easily view the phone or tablet screen under the apron and carry on about their social networking, chatting, gaming or surfing. These aprons were distributed to salons for free, as an initiative from Wataniya Telecom who wanted their customers and even the competition customers to enjoy their hair salon time. Hair Salon owners were just as excited as the Apron kept customers happily engaged during the session.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

- Wataniya connected people back with their mobiles at Hair Salons. - The long hair salon sessions are no longer boring. - This time spent on mobile phones is added business to the client. - The Apron is now being deployed across the region, through Wataniya Telecom subsidiaries


Name Company Role
Cesar Jachan Impact/Echo BBDO Executive Creative Director
Lokesh Achaiah Impact/Echo BBDO Creative Director
Akram Rehayel Impact/Echo BBDO Art Director
Ayed Hassoun Impact/Echo BBDO Senior Arabic Copywriter
Hadi Abdel Majeed Impact/Echo BBDO Group Account Director
Ahmed Shamsin Impact/Echo BBDO Production Manager