2013 Winners & Shortlists


Silver Campaign
EntrantKAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
1 of 3 Campaign
Entrant Company KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT

Brief Explanation

How could we translate so much information, into a simple yet interesting communication medium?

The Brief

Kairo, the new independent advertising agency in Egypt, wanted to show to both existing and potential clients, its strong understanding of local trends and insights, and its ability to translate these insights and discoveries into powerful visual communication.

How the final design was conceived

We decided to design a set of 2 Infographic posters, talking about 2 trending subjects in Egypt: "Hijab" and "Road Transportation in Egypt".

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The posters were printed and sent to Clients as DM, showcased in the agency, and posted to our web site www.kairo.me. We received a request from German NGO MICT-international.org and their Publisher/Internet-platform project named Correspondents.org , to publish "About Hijab" in their first issue of Correspondents.org publication. We also received amazing feedback from our clients, as well as potential clients. Many artists from the creative community of Cairo; including many Writers, Designers, Art directors and film Directors, have asked to buy replicas of these posters.


Name Company Role
Hesham Ellabban Kairo Executive Creative Director
Montasser Khalil Kairo Creative Director
Alia Edrees Kairo Art director
Nora Aly Kairo Designer
Mostafa Tawfik Kairo Designer
Fady Youssef Kairo Art director
Ahmad Elrefaei Kairo Writer
Sameeh Selim Kairo Managing Partner
Hussein Faheem Kairo Planner
Ahmed Abbas Kairo Associate Creative Director