2013 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company LEO BURNETT Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Contributing Company LEO BURNETT Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

The Campaign

People in Saudi Arabia are not accustomed with the use of classified ads. They rely heavily on street announcements in order to sell their products/services/almost everything. They believe that writing their number on a sign on a post lamp, or on a wall in their piece of land; on their car, or on a traffic light, is more effective than classified advertising. Alwaseela, which belongs to Alwaseet group, the leading classified ads news paper in the region, wanted to raise awareness about the efficacy of classified advertising in an effort to push Saudis to use this medium to sell and buy.


The goal is to get people to depend on classified ads, provided by Alwaseela, versus using all sorts of ways to announce. We wanted to connect with the youth of KSA. We believe that the behavior of young people is easier to change. This justified the messages which were intended to shock people and entice them to participate. The strategy is to Come up with an act that have the potential to change the behavior of people. Depend on engagingness and cut through in order to generate participation. Capitalize on the cut through of the activation in attracting social media, digital media and blogs.

The campaign has been implemented as per the below steps: More than 1000 promoters invaded the streets of Saudi on a Thursday night. Each promoter held a message that attract people to scan a QR Code. The QR Code revealed a message answering the message on the sign. Exposed the messages to social media figures who picked it up and spoke about it. Spoofed radio and tv shows. Created viral ads that were scattered on the net. A couple of promoters posted the ad in competitor classified ads newspapers (Al Moubawaba, etc) – the QR Code led people to Alwaseela.

58,000 people scanned the QR code in only 5 hours. 70000 re-tweets. 188000 likes on Facebook. total of 77000 views on Youtube 500000 views on electronic media & social media more than 500000 people saw it on one of the leading youtube programs around 1M Sr worth of free PR. this campaign was able to increase the sales of classified ads by 20+% during the period of the campaign.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzanar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Director
Mohammed Bahmishan Leo Burnett Creative Director
Mario Lawandos Leo Burnett Art Director
Waleed Hameidan Leo Burnett Communication Supervisor
Georges Maktabi Leo Burnett Manager Director
Georges Matta Leo Burnett Digital Delivery
Hisham AL Mansari Leo Burnett Copywriter
Thamer Farsi Leo Burnett Group communication Director
Amr El Masri Leap Studio Photographer