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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert.

Head & Shoulders presents FUNNY THINGS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. A series of podcast starring the Middle East’s biggest stand-up comedians making fun of dandruff in front of a live audience. COMEDIANS Ali Al Sayed (UAE), Nemr Abou Nassar (Lebanon), Ahmad Al Shammari (Kuwait) and Khalid Mansour (Egypt) — all of whom have millions of fans around the region and have been featured on Comedy Central Arabia, Showtime, Esquire, Gulf News and Rolling Stone Middle East. EPISODES 01. Nemr Abou Nassar: Jordanian Romance with Dandruff 02. Nemr Abou Nassar: Anti-dandruff Commercials 03. Nemr Abou Nassar: Dandruff Everywhere 04. Ali Al Sayed: Dandruff for Arabs 05. Ali Al Sayed: The Barbershop 06. Ahmad Al Shammari: Dandruff Myth 07. Ahmad Al Shammari: Dandruff by Google Translate 08. Khalid Mansour: Industrial White Scale

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Since looks and image are everything in the Arab world and nobody talks about dandruff, we made everyone laugh at it with our original dandruff jokes.

Provide the full radio advert script in English.

EPISODE 01: JORDANIAN ROMANCE WITH DANDRUFF Starring Nemr Abou Nassar NEMR: Alright! I love Jordanians. I’ve been to Jordan many (times). Jordanians are the most awesome people, for real. They are the most romantic Arabs… in the world! For men, they’re so… they… like… They’ll see a hot girl and they’ll be like “Hey Lettuce!” (Crowd laughing and clapping.) Coz, you see… Yea, coz when you look a lettuce, you know that’s what you think of… hot girl. And they have so much confidence. Coz of all the Mansaf that they eat. It goes through their veins, man. Does it matter if they have dandruff? (Crowd laughing.) He’d walk up to her and be like… “I wish… you were the dandruff… in my head. (Crowd laughing.) So I could carry you on my shoulders everywhere I go!” (Crowd cheering, laughing and clapping.) Hahaha… Jordanians, man, they’re unstoppable! (Crowd cheering, laughing and clapping.) We hope you enjoyed Nemr's story about Jordanian Romance with Dandruff. This podcast is brought to you by Head & Shoulders. ___ EPISODE 02: ANTI-DANDRUFF COMMERCIALS Starring Nemr Abou Nassar NEMR: Look at all the dandruff commercials. What more do you need… as an example… of how stupid men can be. Every dandruff commercial the guy comes, he’s at school or… (Mimicking the guy’s action.) Puts his hand through his hair, like there’s a bunch of hot girls around he’s like “Yo what’s up?”, right? “Boooooffffffff” Everything going down! The woman looks at him. And she’s like, “Ugghhh!” And then he’s crushed. Oh my god, I have dandruff?!?!? (Crowd laughing.) Is that how you realise, you idiot? Like it took that reaction? It wasn’t like you putting (them) at home, perhaps, when you did this, and it’s like, is it Christmas? No!!! It’s not Christmas yet, my friend. (Crowd laughing.) That’s what women deal with, on a daily basis! Men that are this stupid. And clueless. Women are always like, “Why don’t you notice if I’ve done anything with my hair?” How are we gonna even notice your hair, when we don’t even notice our hair?!? (Crowd cheering, laughing and clapping.) So that was Nemr making fun of anti-dandruff commercials. This podcast is brought to you by Head & Shoulders. ___ EPISODE 03: DANDRUFF EVERYWHERE Starring Nemr Abou Nassar NEMR: Dude, my best friend, George, this is a true story. We were at his house, I was like maybe 15 years old. We have a fan and the fan that moves left and right, right? And it’s standing in front of… the windows. We’re playing the game, George at one point in time gets up and he stands in front of the window. (Crowd laughing.) H e had dandruff. And the beautiful thing is, when he did this, the sun’s coming through his hair. He looked majestic! (Crowd laughing.) Like the dandruff… was just all around him. It was like glitter in those Japanese Animes where like you see a really hot girl… that changes your life… and your nose starts to bleed… it was the same thing… It’s coming from his hair. And I remember looking at him, what a beautiful man. Then he puts his arms out and the sun’s is coming through the dandruff and his hair. And he just goes, “Shim%&*… brrrtttttt!!!” (Crowd laughing and clapping.) And he just... through the fan... through the fan!!! And we didn’t even have time… I was like NOOOOO!!! But I didn’t have time. The fan hit it! “Boooofffffff!!!” (Crowd laughing.) And Nemr's at it again. With his personal experience with his best friend's dandruff. This podcast is brought to you by Head & Shoulders.


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Bechara Mouzannar Publicis Groupe Chief Creative Officer
Adil Khan Saatchi & Saatchi CEO
Komal Bedi Sohal Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Creative Officer
William Mathovani Saatchi & Saatchi Creative Director
Milad Issa Saatchi & Saatchi Associate Creative Director
Daniel Zacatenco Saatchi & Saatchi Senior Designer
Vineet Naik Saatchi & Saatchi Senior Designer
Maged Kamal Saatchi & Saatchi Account Director
Qais Mustafa Saatchi & Saatchi Account Executive

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