2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCars & Automotive Products & Services
Media Placement MEDIACOM Cairo, EGYPT
Production THE TALKIES Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the radio advert.

The idea was to bring back the confidence to those truckers, as we shed the lights on them as humans, as we create the experience journey that captures those consumers (or humans) around it. Almost all trucks in Egypt, are decorated with sentimental quotes, beautifully put together, highlighting personalized motivations. The point of view presented captured a novel and genuine side of a forgotten segment. First-class Humans: The script was made up entirely of real bumper stickers, weaved together into a poem in what became an ode to truck drivers; celebrating them as humans, with their own individual interests and beliefs; Real drivers, real trucks and real families were featured, making the real first-class human inside real. Rimula managed to give truckers back their glory by positioning them as first-class humans. Rimula weaved together, truckers’ mantras into a poem in what soon became an ode to truck drivers.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

They’re unsafe... untrustworthy... and unreliable! It’s unfair to shackle Egyptian truck drivers with superficial societal prejudgment, constantly positioning them as second-class citizens. Rimula, a by-now almost- forgotten oil engine, thanks to the cheaper alternatives, decided to play the trucker’s advocate. In Egypt, truck drivers are classified as second-class citizens. Ironically however, they’re first tier car license holders. A trickier target than most; truck drivers feel undesired and undervalued. They earned a false negative reputation for being reckless, irresponsible and untrustworthy. They are perceived as second-class citizens, due to their social class, educational background and their driving reputation on the road. However, these “second-class citizens”, do not only drive under heavy working conditions, but also suffer in getting their driving licenses in the first place. Since driving a truck is a tough chore, these drivers need to obtain first-class driving licenses, whereas any other passenger car drivers carry second-class driving licenses.

Provide the full radio advert script in English.

Here I go… on the road again Away from the treacheries of man I threw my burdens in the sea But the sea couldn’t take it... It threw them back to me For i was meek sparrow and the vultures came at me So i become a lion, and now they all follow me… But the game is over, my lord forgives me for my sins… All I got is patience And mine is a virtue that never ends What’s written on the outside speaks volumes for what’s inside and what’s inside is more than just a driver… it’s a father, a brother, a friend and a man to look up too. Shell Rimula.. What matter is what’s inside.


Name Company Role
Hany Shoukry J. Walter Thompson Cairo CEO
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Salma Hamouda J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director
Nevine Ramzy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Farida El Khatib J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Hana Magdi J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Executive
Mayan Sabry J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Planner
Ramsey Naja J. Walter Thompson Cairo Chief Executive Officer
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Adam Mourad J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Director
Ahmad El Refaey J. Walter Thompson Associate Creative Director
Sherif Adel J.Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Art Director
Hani Mohsen J. Walter Thompson Cairo Copywriter
Khalil El Shorbagy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Associate Creative Director
Mariam Makram Ebid J. Walter Thompson Cairo Copywriter
Mariam Makram Ebid J. Walter Thompson Cairo Copywriter
Diana Jebally J. Walter Thompson Cairo Head of TV Production
Ahmed El Ruby J. Walter Thompson Cairo Agency Producer
Hadeer Khaled J. Walter Thompson Cairo Post Producer
Sameh Saeb Shell Egypt Lubricants Marketing Director
Ayman El Haddad Shell Egypt Industrial and Transport Marketing Manager at Shell
Hana Hakim Shell Egypt Marketing Manager
Sherif Farid The Talkies Executive Producer
Shady Amir The Talkies Senior Producer
Karim Shaaban The Talkies Cairo Director
Fawzi Darwish The Talkies Cairo DOP Lighting Cameraman
Fady Akram The Talkies Cairo Second Unit Director
Mostafa El Kashef The Talkies Cairo Second Unit DOP
Ahmed Tarek Yehia Freelancer Music Composer
Fady Garas Garas Studio Sound Engineer

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