2019 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceLAND ROVER
CategoryDurable Consumer Goods, including Cars

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Creating a brand experience for Land Rover which allows guests to experience the technology and capability of the vehicles in a short amount of time and often in environment which doesn’t normally allow for this experience. An experience which would change brand perceptions and raise the profile of the brand. Exceeding the targets mandated by the Jaguar Land Rover global team by over 160% nearly 15,000 people have now experienced a Land Rover product across the GCC in the last six months. With 2 months left, the tour is set to exceed the total number of targets by nearly 200%.


The brief from Land Rover was to create an experience that showed that Land Rover vehicles are more than just luxury vehicles. With a ‘Luxury’ Stereotype most consumers had forgotten that Land Rovers are designed and built around its off-road capabilities. We were tasked to create an experience which allowed guests to take the vehicles to the edge of their capabilities in an unexpected environment. To design and create driveable obstacles which could quickly and easily be shipped to any location within the GCC and be set-up to create an event in a short amount of time. The objectives included creating obstacles which allowed for ease of transport and set-up but which created a maximum effect on the guests driving them, achieving 12,000 experiences across the tour in 8 different countries over a total of 16 events, changing perceptions of Land Rovers and growing the social awareness of the brand.

Describe the creative idea.

Emotions. We wanted to help guests to get ‘That Land Rover Feeling’ during our experiences. We wanted to capture the feelings that you get when faced with driving upwards on a 35-degree angle before descending at 40-degrees all in a car with a luxury leather interior. The range of emotions that the guests travel through, shock, disbelief, excitement, surprise, relief, happiness all leading to the ultimate Land Rover feeling, #FeelInvincible. Using old shipping containers with ramps made out of extended steel sheets, an easy and cost effective way of creating and shipping driveable obstacles through the GCC, these would become the highlight of the experiences. Around the drive experiences we built a fun family event with experiences for adults and children alive, including a bouldering wall made from a container side, ride on toy cars for those too little to experience the real ones and a hospitality and sales area.

Describe the strategy.

For each event we were set a separate target correlating to the size of the market. The first guests were targeted through the retailers existing database. In addition to this we also targeted VIP’s, Financial services prospects and database, Fleet and business and PR and media representatives connected to each retailer. Secondly we looked at partnerships in market with various banks and other companies. Finally, we had a strong social campaign which was geo-targeted to attract guests in the surrounding areas which was live across several platforms including, Instagram and Facebook. The campaign was run on the main Jaguar Land Rover pages as well as the local retailer’s pages. Guests were pushed to a landing page on the Jaguar Land Rover website where they could register their interest in the event. All guests received eDM’s, calls, text messages and Whatsapp messages to confirm their attendance.

Describe the execution

Working with the individual retailers as well as the Jaguar Land Rover Regional Office team we looked at the most effective shipping route to allow for the most impact across the GCC and North Africa region. The planning for this was done over period of several months before the tour was begun, once the tour began we worked with the individual retailers to deliver their individual events to their specific market requirements. The event was location was designed around two key facts, space which allowed for a full event set-up as well as a central location which was easy for all of the guests to get to. The size of the event varies depending on the market and the requirements of the local retailers, this allowed us to create a bespoke event for each retailer based around their sales and awareness requirements.

List the results.

The success of the event is based on several different elements, from a business perspective the retailers were able to achieve multiple sales in all locations where an event took place, with a variety of models being sold to new and existing clients, in addition to consumer awareness. To date targets in each location have been exceeded by a tour average of 162%. Nameplate awareness has been increased with guests experiencing almost the full range of land Rover vehicles in each location. Tracking the social reach in the region the hashtags being used at the events have increased dramatically, using analytics from whilst the tour has been live the social reach can be broken down as follows: #LandRoverExperience - 21,676 interactions on Social Media - Social Reach 165,882 #FeelInvincible - 1,750 interactions on Social Media - Social Reach 13,846 #Aboveandbeyondtour - 4,237 interactions on Social Media - Social Reach 91,886


Name Company Role
Elisabeth Anne Imagination Client Services Director
Jessica Airy Imagination Senior Account Manager
Alice Martin Imagination Senior Project Manager
Leigh Pattinson Imagination Production Director
Sam Chard Imagination Senior Production Manager
Fahad Khalid Imagination 3D Designer
Roba Hamadeh Imagination 2D Designer