2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryDurable Consumer Goods, including Cars

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We created online content and hosted it on a website for people to directly interact with. Alongside the collection, we displayed the trends from which each spacesuit design was inspired from and allowed people to go shop for them. We also hosted an industry-first exhibition for people to attend, and witness first-hand the collection.


Centrepoint, the Middle East’s largest fashion store was facing a decline in visits to its online store. Our brief was to create compelling content to make people visit their website again. We had minimal budget for the campaign. As such, we needed to create content that would capture the hearts and minds of the people across all of Centrepoint’s social media presence including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and by making use of the display space in Centrepoint stores.

Describe the creative idea.

In 2017, Dubai launched it’s first space program, planning to colonize Mars by 2117. We seized the opportunity. We asked the flashiest city on earth, one very important question – “What are we going to wear when we go to space?”Thus, we launched the Centrepoint Spacesuit Collection – An intergalactic fashion statement inspired by Centrepoint’s latest designs.

Describe the strategy.

In a time where everyone was talking about space and space travel, we realized there was a unique space for Centrepoint to capitalize on – fashion. We realized that every spacesuit looked like every other spacesuit. And while we couldn’t mess with the science, we could bring in fashion. Which is what we did. Our target audience of 18 – 40 year olds loved our spacesuit collection. At every touch point, we ensured that we directed our target audience back to centrepointstores.comAs a result, it got them talking about what they would wear to space and in turn, about us.

Describe the execution

We collaborated with local artists and designers to assemble an 8-piece capsule collection. We then art-directed the collection of spacesuits to visually represent what you would see in high fashion photography. Juxtaposition of chunky spacesuits and the awkward poses (commonly seen in high fashion) was complimented by large super graphic distorted typography creating visual tension which commanded attention of people passing by.To launch the capsule collection, we invited bloggers, influencers and fashionistas to an industry-first exhibition. In parallel, we launched the campaign online showing how the space-fashion was inspired by our own trends on earth. Trends, that can be purchased directly from our online store.

List the results.

As a result of the campaign, centrepointstores.com received a 164% increase in traffic and 141% increase in sales. What’s more, Centrepoint had managed to start a conversation in the region and was once again top of mind.


Name Company Role
Paul Shearer Impact BBDO Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Ryan Atkinson Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
Giancarlo Rodas Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
James Elgie Impact BBDO Dubai Art Director
Rijin Kunnath Impact BBDO Dubai Designer
Alok Mohan Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Tres Colacion Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director