2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCorporate Social Responsibility

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The initiative is aimed at addressing environmental issues in order to protect the well-being and increase the sustainability of the region. As a brand, AutoPro is in a position to lead the path for a better, more sustainable future of the UAE, by creating eco-friendly solutions.


Paper wastage continues to be an issue worldwide (1 million tonnes of paper is used per day, of which only 30% is recycled). Producing paper requires fuel, energy, transportation costs, and of course water. Car washes across the UAE use paper mats as a protective layer in each car after the wash. In Dubai alone, millions of paper mats are produced per year. The problem is, these mats are almost immediately discarded after use, contributing to massive paper wastage. In line with the Dubai's drive to become a most sustainable city by Expo 2020, AutoPro saw this as an opportunity to increase awareness about the environment, and make a positive impact by creating a sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

Describe the creative idea.

To increase environmental awareness of paper wastage, the EnviroMat was created. A pilot initiative that supplied key AutoPro stations in the UAE with 100% recycled, eco-friendly rubber mats made from old AutoPro tyres, effectively replacing paper mats in the process.

Describe the strategy.

The UAE is home to millions of car owners. A heavy sand presence, along with a fast-paced lifestyle means visiting the car wash is a convenient option, with most car owners going at least twice a month. By strategically placing the EnviroMats in key AutoPro stations, the consumer reach was maximised and the awareness was increased due to the heavy footfall.

Describe the execution

Old tyres were collected from AutoPro and transported to the Gulf Rubber Factory. They underwent a process called ‘crumbing’ whereby the tyres were mechanically shredded and crumbled into rubber granules, and then pressed into the rubber mat mold. The EnviroMat was then placed at key AutoPro stations in the UAE. The implementation process was simple: the EnviroMat was placed in a fixed position alongside the car wash area (2 mats per car), where patrons could now wipe their feet before entering their clean vehicle. The pilot initiative was launched on the 17th of January 2019, and after 3 months there are plans to action a full roll-out.

List the results.

75% savings on paper mats per station 80% positive response rate from consumers 100% potential saving on paper mats Infinite recycling of EnviroMats


Name Company Role
Leslie Paul Tamra C2 Creative Director
Tameem Sankari Tamra C2 Associate Creative Director
Theo von Aspern Tamra C2 Senior Copywriter
Luan Cesar Dias De Almeida Tamra C2 Art Director
Ravishankar Pottavatri Tamra C2 Designer
Manasvini Rizvi Tamra C2 Group Account Director
Shadi Zantout Tamra C2 Senior Account Manager
Sandip Shivtarkar Feel Productions Executive Producer