2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCharities & Non-profit
Additional Company KUNHADI Beirut, LEBANON
Additional Company 2 UBERHAUS Beirut, LEBANON

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Organ Donation Valet is an immersive activation that centers on consumer engagement. We made use of a standard valet parking customer journey and experience design to allow consumers to come into contact with the participating brands at the exact point that they were needed in their lives. Celebrating response-driven and relationship-building creativity. Entries will need to demonstrate the pursuit and application of customer relationships, directly targeting a specific audience with a call-to-action which produced measurable and meaningful results.


Every year, more than 500 people die as a result of drink driving in Lebanon, making drink driving the number one cause of death among people aged between 17 and 27. Awareness around drink driving is low and although illegal, laws are rarely enforced. Additionally, there is no public transport in Beirut which greatly limits the travel options of people on a night out. We needed a way to raise awareness around the dangers of drink driving and alternative ways of getting home safely.

Describe the creative idea.

We needed a creative idea that would stand out from the usual awareness messages. We also needed the correct setting for the activation to live in for maximum impact. Therefore we landed on the idea of using valets to challenge drunk drivers to become organ donors if they insisted on driving their vehicles while under the influence.

Describe the strategy.

We identified a number of night clubs and highly frequented drinking districts that were visited by our demographic for the activation. We then decided to turn the valet into our key touch point, as they are synonymous with going out in Beirut and often encounter patrons who intend on drink driving. Finally, we arrived on the idea of organ donation because of the level of shock factor that it carries in Lebanese society.

Describe the execution

We chose a busy weekend and a variety of different venues to launch the project. The activation took place at a restaurant, Beirut’s most well known nightclub and it’s busiest drinking district. Working with owners, Careem and Kun Hadi (Road Safety NGO), we trained valet parkers to recognise signs of inebriation in customers and educated them on the dangers of drink driving. When they identified a drunk person waiting for their vehicle they engaged them with our valet cards and invited them to become an organ donor because “if you’re prepared to take a life, you should be prepared to save a life”.

List the results.

37% of people signed up to be organ donors 32% of people took Careem rides home 56% increase in brand awareness After the activation, Careem and SP Valet will introduce the program on a permanent basis


Name Company Role
Dani Richa Impact BBDO Dubai Chief Executive Officer
Paul Shearer Impact BBDO Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Logan Allanson Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
Tres Colacion Impact BBDO Dubai Creative Director
Ben Griffiths Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Giancarlo Rodas Impact BBDO Dubai Associate Creative Director
Samantha Stuart - Palmer Impact BBDO Dubai Managing Director
Noor Hassanein Impact BBDO Dubai Strategy Director
Emma Jane Randall Impact BBDO Dubai Account Executive
Tennyson Torcato Impact BBDO Creative Services Director
Fady Gebrane Kunhadi President
Lena Gebrane Kunhadi Vice President
Aya Gebrane Kunhadi Member
Nemer Saliba Uberhaus Co-Founder
Ali Saleh Uberhaus Co-Founder
Manasvi Gosalia Dejavu Executive Producer
Steve Gerges Dejavu Producer
Joyce Hanna Dejavu Associate Producer
Jad Abou Abdo, Daniel Samir Chedid Dejavu Cameraman
Eli Salameh Dejavu Sound Engineer
Pierre Haddad Dejavu Casting Director
Nick Walsh Geometry Managing Director
Youssef Gadallah, Saleh Dardir, Tiago Cortez Geometry Activation Creative Team
Elias Bassil Geometry Strategic Activation Director