2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryExcellence in Media Insights & Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Media?

UBER was losing relevance & recall amongst the UAE residents who are naturally own-car riders. Our challenge was to “make UBER RELEVANT again” through a combination of creative messaging, media and technology. We leveraged an age proof technique of ‘moment of truth’ marketing with a modern twist. Our communication revolved around reasons why people should choose UBER over any means of transport. Through research we identified the top instances when people need a ride and using a combination of media channels + technology, we got the message across to them at the moment of truth


Uber’s disruptive technology, explosive growth, and constant controversy make it one of the most fascinating companies to emerge over the past decade. The almost ten-year-old company soon grew to become the highest valued private startup company in the world. Despite high levels of brand awareness (global giant, tech disruptor), top of mind recall was low at need occasions. Internal research told us that its still not a natural reaction to order an UBER when they need a ride, they would either drive or hail a cab. This was a result of noticing non-frequent users despite having our app on their phones. Our challenge was to ensure we reminded audiences in the UAE that selecting an UBER is the better option and it had to be done at the moment of truth.

Describe the creative idea/insights

UBER’s core strength lies in its utility and convenience. We knew that people in the UAE didn’t remember to order an UBER when they needed a ride, therefore we had to illustrate our core strengths during these moments with relevant messaging. UAE has the highest vehicle density in the region with 1 car for every 2 people (RTA) and grows by 8.2% per year. Naturally this leads to traffic congestion, meaning longer time on the road, therefore high stress. It also leads to parking challenges at malls and office complexes leading to frustration. These then became key elements of our creative strategy Our idea was to exaggerate the frustration and stress that one dealt with when they were late to an engagement or stuck in traffic. This was brought to life via a stunt as the centerpiece of the campaign while relevant media channels with contextual messaging amplified the same.

Describe the strategy.

Our strategy was to identify key ride moments, parking trouble zones and traffic congested roads to communicate our messaging of convenience, comfort and timeliness. We deployed MOMENT OF TRUTH MARKETING, wherein we re-engineered UBER’s utility into the daily lives of the customers living in UAE

Describe the execution.

The centerpiece of our campaign was a live Cinema Stunt. We partnered with VOX Cinemas. While the trailers were on going and the movie about to start, we paused on screen and there was a moment of silence. An individual (actor) walked into the cinema late as he couldn’t find parking. The actor comes apologizing to the audience for being late, and the cinema hall looks puzzled at what is happening… then on the large cinema screen the message of NEXT TIME TAKE AN UBER appears. We had a contextual campaign on different media that highlight the benefit of taking and UBER. We had outdoor placements in residential areas where parking is an issue, mall parking mupis that advised people to save time searching for parking “Enjoy the mall, without the hassle of parking” and other relates contextual messages.

List the results.

Media Results: Reached 60% of UAE’s population +53% impressions +70% mentions +169% interactions +37% conversations+248% engagement Business Results: +38% organic signups +10.7% downloads vs. UBERs average Main KPI for the campaign was to report on is increase in usage and app downloads


Name Company Role
Sasha El Jurdi FP7 Account Executive
Spiro Malak FP7 General Manager
Rasha Hamzeh OMD Associate Planning Director
Karan Kukreja OMD General Manager
Nitu Surendran OMD Director - Strategic Marketing Investment
Joe Younes OMD Senior executive - Planning
Layal El Hafi FP7 Senior Account Manager
Mike Awad FP7 Senior Art Director
Thomas Young FP7 Senior Copywriter
Sheldon Serrao FP7 English Copywriter
Khaled Hamza FP7 Head of Production
Darine Maalouli FP7 Agency Producer
Oliver Robinson FP7 Executive Creative Director