2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Despite a challenging environment for the category, we created a campaign that is linked to something as strongly present and relatable to the region, as Pepsi is. By creating vintage cans that are of relevance to each generation in the region and activating the nostalgic theme through high-impact innovations, we managed to exceed sales goals and achieve high engagements rates with our content and activations.


The beverages category is still one of the most active and competitive industries in the MENA and Pepsi remains the undisputed leader in carbonates in market share. However, the excise tax on carbonates, falling disposable incomes, and shrinking expat population, along with rising unemployment have resulted in slow sales growth in KSA. Pepsi wanted to revive the category and remind consumers how they have been part of their heritage over the years. We created aesthetically-appealing content and digital innovations to help raise desire for Pepsi. We aimed for: • 80% positive sentiment across social platforms • Increasing “Brand Index” score by 30% • Improving average score across the main brand tracker parameters (TOM, Total Spontaneous Awareness, Total Awareness and Consideration) by 5 points • Achieve internal sales targets set by PepsiCo team • Increase in brand share value compared to the same period last year by at least 1%

Describe the creative idea/insights

Vintage designs and lifestyle are making a surprising comeback - the things that were popular in the '90s and early 2000s are suddenly seeing the light of day again. From fashion and video games to music and television, this nostalgic trend seemed to be infecting everyone. People are becoming keen on collecting retro items as it tends to satisfy their emotional, aesthetic and intellectual needs. We knew this was the perfect cue for Pepsi to jump in. Pepsi has been a key element of people’s lives in the region for more than 6 decades. Throughout this period, the Pepsi can has taken many different shapes and forms but remained distinguished. So we thought, why not revive the declining category by transporting our consumers to a different era by bringing back the vintage cans for a limited time and activating the nostalgic theme while pushing them to collect them.

Describe the strategy.

With vintage designs regaining popularity in the region, we wanted to revive the category by transporting the audience back in time with Pepsi’s limited-edition cans. We wanted to activate the nostalgic theme through multiple high impact touch points that help showcase the changes that the Pepsi can itself has undergone over the decades without compromising on it’s overall great taste. To support this, we put our consumers in the shoes of the previous generation through tailor-made content and experiences with the goal of driving vintage can sales. To raise awareness of our campaign and the limited-edition cans, we had to talk to the nation and reach millions

Describe the execution.

We utilized the top TV programs and outdoor LED screens to maximize awareness. Several Snapchat Geofilters that used vintage cues relevant to each era were created. We then took consumers’ favorite influencers back in time by asking them to share pictures of themselves wearing Pepsi vintage merchandise that matches the respective cans. Then we incentivized our fans through an Anghami activation using a scanning technology where users unlocked playlists from each era through scanning the respective vintage can. We also surprised Careem riders with the ultimate transportation experience, giving them the chance to ride in one of 3 Pepsi-customized classic cars. On social, we created multiple nostalgic video assets that represent and highlight iconic trends in each era. Finally, we created a distinct Facebook chatbot experience that helped users customize their own can based on their era, while pushing them to online ecommerce stores to purchase the vintage can collection.

List the results.

• We recorded 96% positive sentiment on social media (vs 80% objective) • "Brand Index" score increased by 100%. (vs 30% objective) • The communication managed to move the needle on all key parameters by 11 points vs target of 5 points. 1. TOM: +13 points 2. Total Spontaneous Awareness: +19 points 3. Total Awareness: +3 points 4. Consideration: +10 points • Pepsi delivered +12% share vs planned sales targets in KSA • +22.5% share vs planned sales targets in UAE • +6.7% share vs planned sales targets in Oman And increase of 1.5% in brand share value was recorded compared to the same period last year (vs 1% objective)


Name Company Role
Rawan Khairallah OMD Dubai Associate Creative Director
Layan Sarkis OMD Dubai Art Director
Ibrahim Zantout OMD Dubai Associate Planning Director
Naji Younes OMD Dubai Planning Manager
Kareem Samad OMD Dubai Planning Executive
Nawar Akawi OMD Dubai Social Media Manager
Mohamed Nasr OMD Dubai Associate Social Media Director
Ahmad Darraj OMD Dubai Content & Experience Manager
Jomana Asfour OMD Dubai Content & Experiences Manager
Kristian Valdini OMD Dubai Content & Experiences Director
Nadin Al Dakkouri OMD Dubai Art Director
Warda Amrani OMD Dubai Content & Experiences Associate Director