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Product/ServiceBLUE JAR CHEESE
CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Save the cows is a case for successful media campaigns within FMCG. It not only delivered on media KPIs, but successfully achieved its marketing and business objectives. The campaign delivered on brand health metrics as well as sales volume and value. In fact, while Puck’s blue jars enjoyed a dominant share in the region, its growth had recently slowed down, due to the rise of more fun breakfast alternative for kids, like cereals and chocolate spreads. Save the Cows was a game changer, and supported Puck in making children find the blue jar appealing for breakfast.


Puck’s blue jars enjoys a dominant share in KSA and UAE, however its growth had slowed down in recent times especially for the breakfast occasion, while other breakfast alternatives grew at a threatening 17%. That is not because kids don’t like consuming cheese for breakfast, as we know kids want food time to be fun time. As mom’s ally in creating mealtime joy, Puck needed to change the game and reinforce its place back on the breakfast table. Puck also wanted to remove the daily confrontation that many parents experience, help fight off other sugary breakfast alternatives by making children find the blue jar appealing for breakfast. The campaign's objectives were clear, deliver on volume and value, while bringing the fun back to breakfast time, making the Puck blue jar loved by kids and approved by mums.

Describe the creative idea/insights

Gamification was identified as a way to bring fun elements of the brand while incentivizing customers to buy the product. Puck needed to partner with a platform who had the tech capabilities to bring gamification to the table, as well as the audience and engagement. Snapchat was the right partner, a popular camera messaging platform in KSA and UAE, the campaign's key markets. Snapchat already has a solid user base, with over 9m daily active users in KSA and over 1m in the UAE and 88% of these over the age of 18. Globally, Snapchatters visit the app over 25 times a day, spending on average 30 minutes - more than enough time to connect them to the Puck Cream Cheese Spread. Together, Puck and Snapchat created the first gamified lens on the platform in the region, a fun, on-pack interactive activation built on augmented reality.

Describe the strategy.

The objective was to drive people to the store and get them to buy the puck promo pack, scan the code on the pack and save the cows! Through effective in-store, digital and influencer marketing planning, Puck was able to get its audience to the store and sell out of its promo pack in the first 8 weeks of the 12 weeks campaign. On the campaign's first day, Puck launched the game on a nationwide lens on Snapchat, targeting all Snap users in the GCC to raise campaign awareness. In the days following the launch, the game was only accessible through the snapcode available on the cream cheese jar in-store. Puck pushed its call to action through diversified content brand and UGC content. Influencers that have high affinity among mothers and kids supported in promoting the game, by playing it and sharing their scores with their followers.

Describe the execution.

The campaign launched in January 2018 for a period of three months. Once unlocked, the Snapcode took users to a Face Lens game. The objective of the game was simple, save the cows from incoming UFOs, triggered by Snapchatters opening their mouths to consume the UFOs. To keep the audience engaged for several months, multiple variations and levels of the game were created and added, and each version ran across multiple markets. “Saving the Cows” was celebrated through a World Lens, showcasing the cows enjoying their freedom from UFOs. As the campaign was going so well, Puck decided to make the Snapcode available to everyone. They began OOH advertising and promoted the game through multi-touch activations, from in-store branding to influencer endorsements. Puck also launched a competition on social media rewarding users based on their scores.

List the results.

The media results translated into successful marketing and business results. Media results: The content was viewed by 20% of consumers KSA and UAE and the the game reached 22% of snap users and has been played millions of times. Snapchatters spent on average over 150 seconds playing with the game - well above benchmark of 25 seconds on Lenses. The average engagement and sharing rates were at 64% and 1670% respectively, above global snapchat benchmarks. Marketing results: 9% increase in top of mind awareness, 3.9% increase in brand awareness, 17.2% increase in ad awareness, 4.6% increase in brand favorability and 170% increase in purchase intent (Millward Brown brand tracker data). Business results: Puck blue jars was sold out in top retailers, growing its revenues by 7% versus the same period in 2017. Its value market share increased by 16% (Nielsen Sales Data).


Name Company Role
Lea Bitar PHD Media Planning Manager
Nawal Nasreddine PHD Media Planning Director
Tarek Ali Ahmed FP7 General Manager Business Unit
Sirine Hamade FP7 Account Director`
Paul Banham FP7 Executive Creative Director
Aakriti Goel FP7 Strategic Planning Manager
Tahaab Rais FP7 Head of Insights, Strategy and Planning
Ryan Hicks PHD Media Social Media Senior Executive
Karim Refaat Snapchat Senior Account Manager
Mohamed Kabbani Snapchat Creative Strategist
Jacob Thomas Snapchat Commercial Lead