2019 Winners & Shortlists


Idea Creation PEACE CAKE Cairo, EGYPT
Idea Creation 2 WALI'S STUDIO Cairo, EGYPT
Production PT4 Cairo, EGYPT
Additional Company OMD EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

7up has been in the shadows for almost three years, and needed to create something that would send waves all through different mediums. We connected 7up through a multitude of channels that kept the campaign on the consumers minds and in their hearts. By maintaining heavy presence digitally and on ground, fans mirrored our campaign on the social media and giving us more of a reach just due to their brand love.


After being silent for almost 3 years 7UP decided to come back with an iconic vintage program in 2018. 7UP wanted to celebrate Egypt in its own unique way. By collaborating with a local designer to create 4 different Egyptianized local artworks inspired by everything unique and original about Egypt and its people through different time eras in order to own the originality hub in Egypt.. The objectives were as follows: Drive sales through collectable artwork and customized merchandise Amplify brand love and brand equity Bring news to 7UP after being silent for a long time

Describe the creative idea.

We as Egyptians leave our mark, whether or not we notice it. We’ve always left an imprint on things around us. From walls, to homes, desks to trucks. We don’t think of it as art, it's just what we do. Building on the brand identity of the 7up outlaw, we want to showcase the creators and art makers. They can be anyone and art can be everywhere. The script goes through a journey of defining what a me3allem is, how it has a double meaning, both a leader and someone that leaves a mark. It details how we leave our marks everywhere around us. Then it goes into how these marks are our form of self expression and how it defines us and then climaxes with how every one of us is a m3allem and how our art stuns the world around us and is now on the can.

Describe the strategy

We set out with an ambitious goal, create something that can bring people together and let them know our differences are what unify us. And that was our target audience, Egyptians regardless of their age, gender or class. Egyptians choose to express themselves visually almost all of the time and our visual styles are made organically. What we refer to as unintentional art. So what if use the cans themselves as a canvas our art? And this how it started. Our approach was heavily visual. We created new artistic packaging. Our billboards looked like murals. Our in-store trade displays were the most eye grabbing. The ad was shot in a way to represent and gather all aspects of Egyptian art. We designed kits to send to our fans. And finally we turned every 7UP fridge into an art piece.

Describe the execution.

We did a 360 campaign that lasted for 3 months starting by working with internationally acclaimed and award winning artist Ghada Wali to create new packaging that represent the Egyptian art We then released an ad that tied in all of these different aspects of being Egyptian. Put to a powerful soundtrack, it was shot all around Egypt, to be as diverse, sincere, and authentic as possible We came out with an outdoor network showcasing every distinct style represented in our campaign. Each a mural of their own. The number of user generated content was rising which reflects how the campaign made waves with our target demographic. So we designed and sent special merch to our fans. A unique song was created using Egypt's biggest rap star Zap Tharwat, that dug deeper into who we are. Finally we turned every 7up fridge into a museum of authentic Egyptian visual culture.

List the results.

The ad reached 7.5 millions views on social media platforms. Our listening tools provided that people were really fond of the ad’s music so we responded back by creating a song with Zap Tharwat that rose in the charts as soon as it was released getting more than 2.4 million listens on Anghami! Articles started popping up everywhere highlighting how 7UP’s approach was relevant to the Egyptian culture. Booths were set up around Egypt for fans to redeem gifts and merch. And finally left our mark on the market with a 30% increase in sales. 7UP had made a come back to the market that put it above its competitors and more so than that, had left its mark on it’s customers and Egyptians for a while.


Name Company Role
Kareem Abou Gamrah Peace Cake Managing Director
Yahia El Sady Peace Cake Senior Copywriter
Ahmed Safi Peace Cake Senior Copywriter
Marwan Imam Peace Cake Senior Copywriter
Ghada Wali Wali Studio Art Director
Ahmed Youssef Peace Cake Commercial Manager
Randa Habib Peace Cake Operations Manager
Sherif Samy Peace Cake Senior Editor
Ahmed Morshedi Peace Cake Art Director
Ahmed Koura N/A Director
Fady Garas Peace Cake Audio Engineer
Fady Garas Peace Cake Audio Engineer
Ahmed Safi Peace Cake Music Producer
Samar Aly PT4 Producer
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