2019 Winners & Shortlists



Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

‘100 Simple Joys of Driving’ was a cross-platform brand campaign by Volkswagen Middle East to welcome Saudi women to the driver’s seat. In a month-long effort, we invited drivers to discover the joys of driving through online films and social media posts that captured understated, yet uplifting everyday driving moments. Each ‘joy’ we shared inspired fans to share their own, creating goodwill for the brand. We made Saudi women feel at home behind the wheel, ultimately bringing both new and seasoned drivers together.


Last year, Saudi Arabia lifted a decades-old ban that prohibited women from driving. A lot of first-time drivers were understandably nervous, while existing drivers were apprehensive. Volkswagen wanted to welcome Saudi women to the driver’s seat, without making them feel any different. We saw an opportunity to reassure Saudi women, and make them feel at home, by showing them the little joys that awaited them on the road.

Describe the creative idea.

We researched and identified hundreds of everyday moments that make driving fun. Moments that were real, understated, yet relatable—regardless of a driver’s experience. Using these, we created a content calendar that kicked off on the day Saudi women were allowed to drive. We made car washes feel magical. Petrol stations fun. Traffic jams bearable. We dramatized the pleasures of driving at dawn, drumming on the steering wheel and sticking a hand out to feel the wind. Through eight films and a cross-platform campaign,?we gave Saudi women hundreds of reasons to relax behind the wheel and let go of their fears. And we reminded all drivers that there’s always room for a little more happiness on the road.

Describe the strategy

Following the historical ruling in Saudi Arabic, brands quickly showed their support for Saudi women either by congratulating or educating them. While everyone was talking about what driving would enable women in Saudi Arabia to do, no one was talking about the driving experience as an end in itself. We decided to focus on some of driving’s simpler insights, to put new drivers at ease at a time when they were already facing a lot of media scrutiny.

Describe the execution.

We first identified a list of 100 universal driving moments. For the duration of the campaign, we ran 8 films across the web and social media, along with paid and organic posts on our social media channels. The campaign ran for a month across the GCC region.

List the results.

120M+ Impressions 25M+ Views 15M+ in Media Circulation Audience $90,000 in Total AVE


Name Company Role
Juggi Ramakrishnan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Chief Creative Officer
Hugo Rochette Memac Ogilvy Dubai Art Director
Roberta Totaro Memac Ogilvy Dubai Art Director
Aditya Hariharan Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Tiago Cortez Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Maya ElKai Memac Ogilvy Dubai Copywriter
Atul Shenoy Memac Ogilvy Dubai Business Director
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Maha Najem Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Manager
Raaed Rahmat Memac Ogilvy Dubai Account Executive
Luke Morris Memac Ogilvy Dubai Head of Production
Mannu Singh Boomtown Productions Post Producer
Shane Martin Boomtown Productions Executive Producer
Daniel Kilalea Boomtown Productions Producer
Neda Ahmed Cold-Cutz Editor
George Manolopoulos EvniaVFX Online Editor
Suresh Nair Boomtown Productions Online Editor
Dan Mitre Freelance Grading
Jamie Ryan Freelance Original Composition Score
Alex Tao Freelance Original Song
Sune Sorenson Freelance Director
Michal Dabal Freelance Director Of Photography
Amin Soltani Freelance Agency Producer
Anja Petrovski Volkswagen Middle East Senior Brand Communication Manager
Bruno Gisquet Volkswagen Middle East Head of Marketing
Madlen Gruschk Volkswagen Middle East Retail Marketing Manager
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