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Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare communications in your country/region (imposed by healthcare regulatory bodies, government, TV stations, etc.)

Traditional advertising for condoms in MENA is heavily regulated. No kissing, touching or revealing clothing. Any attempts to do so are met with immediate censure by conservative elements in society. Durex, therefore, seeks out other platforms that engage directly and appropriately - like Twitter.

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Great direct marketing starts with an inspiring data insight... Nine months after every major sports event there's a baby boom as fans celebrate with sex. So why not use direct marketing to persuade Arab men to turn their passion for the 2018 World Cup into reasons to celebrate with Durex condoms? Do this in a way that engages them directly as they are watching each match on TV through their second mobile screen. Then take them directly to an e.commerce site that enables direct purchase...breaking all the Twitter engagement benchmarks along the way.

Describe the target audience

Male football fans in MENA using social media during the World Cup.


Situation: Given the very tight restrictions on any form of public advertising, Durex considered a more copy-driven approach on social media that would engage its audience as a community of sports fans. Brief: For the first time ever, the 2018 FIFA World Cup would feature four Arab teams - Egypt, KSA, Morocco and Tunisia. A great opportunity for Durex because fans often celebrate with sex...and nine months later there's a baby boom. So how can Durex own more reasons to celebrate - without making more babies? Objectives: Hijack the football conversation, make Durex top of mind in every game and drive direct sales on souq.com.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Aware that most of their audience would have their second screen open during the TV games, Durex LIVE Tweeted cheeky new condom foil designs out - before, during and after every match. From THE CROWD PLEASER condom posted seconds after Mo Salah scored for Egypt, to THE DRAMATIST as Brazilian Neymar rolled on the floor after a tackle, to THE EXTENDER as teams moved into extra time in the knock out stages. Each post was accompanied by a caption leading directly to souq.com to purchase condoms - or the World Cup Celebrations pack containing condoms, lube and a roll-up football pitch bedspread.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Data gathering: The critical data insight came from demographic research indicating strong correlation between birth rate increases and major sports competitions none months earlier. Target audience: 93% of males in MENA between the ages of 24 and 40 with football indexing highest among sports interests. Over 70% of this group keep their mobile open as a second screen while watching sport on TV. Approach: Become part of the Twitter conversation around football in each match with football savvy condom posts. Using the "real time" advantage of Twitter, posts landed seconds after the event to which they related. Call to action: Direct to purchase at souq.com for either condoms by discrete delivery of the "World Cup Celebration" pack.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Implementation: Like in football, reaction speed was critical. A mini creative hub was set up in a local sports TV bar. Arabic and English copywriters worked live through every match, creating posts for immediate approval by client and legal before posting by media on Twitter. By the final, this process was streamlined to less than two minutes from finishing the idea to appearing online. Timeline: Luckily the first match featured local side KSA against hosts Russia - giving Durex high engagement from the start through the other 63 matches - from June 14th to July 15th. Placement: 64 Tweets appeared, 10 of which were paid in the games with highest veiwership. Scale: The campaign appeared throughout MENA for the month.

List the results (30% of vote)

The results surprised everyone. While a tiny minority of hard-line conservatives objected, the vast mass of fans loved it. * The engagement rate smashed Twitter's benchmarks by over 900%. * E.commerce sales rocketed by 250% over the same period a year before. * Offline retail sales also jumped by an incredible 28%. * The organic follower base tripled making @DurexArabia the fastest growing Durex site globally. * All the special "World Cup Celebration" packs sold out. * Over 14,000 more men found a new way to purchase condoms for those moments worth celebrating. * The final result. however, will remain unknown until the birth rate figures come out after April 2019.


Name Company Role
Mark Fiddes Havas Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Andrew Pearson Havas Worldwide Creative Director
Nadia Karim Havas Worldwide Art Director
Fabio Silveira Havas Worldwide Head of Planning
Mohit Jain Reckitt Benckiser Regional Marketing Manager
Sara Khalil Reckitt Benckiser Brand Manager
Christina Yepremian Havas Worldwide Senior Writer
Fuad Tharakaniyil Havas Worldwide Videographer
Elisa-Sofia Gomez Havas Worldwide Digital Designer
Alena Smirnova Havas Worldwide Account Supervisor
Rabah Katteri Havas Worldwide Editor