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Media Placement 2 PHD Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Describe any restrictions or regulations regarding Healthcare communications in your country/region (imposed by healthcare regulatory bodies, government, TV stations, etc.)


Describe the target audience

Lifebuoy’s main audience was mothers LSM 7+ with young school-going kids. Nevertheless, we had to strengthen our positioning and find smarter ways to gain share: we had to broaden our brand usage base. So, we opened up our target audience to all UAE residents, LSM 7+, both male and female.


The brand was facing a tough situation: Lifebuoy, the soap brand specialist in germ protection, was facing a tough situation in the United Arab Emirates: market decline due to the economic downturn. In such context, Dettol (also with a single-minded offering of germ protection) was the market leader in the category, Lifebuoy was sitting in second place. Lifebuoy had to find a smart way to gain market share. Ramandan, the Superbowl of the Middle East: Lifebuoy wanted to take part of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast (no food, no water, no smoking and no sex) from sunrise to sunset. Every day for a whole month. Once the sun sets, the tables get ready and the feast begins (Iftar), friends and families gather around food. Every brand wants to take part of this month. It’s the marketing equivalent of the Superbowl, but every day for a month.

Describe the creative idea

The Idea: Prevention is better than cure: A reminder before sharing special moments on Ramadan to wash your hands with Lifebuoy and protect yourself and your family. We took advantage of real-time data, trends and social-listening during Ramadan and served the audience with 45 hyper-personalized content pieces that helped Lifebuoy protect its consumers from infections this Ramadan. Achieving a groundbreaking 92.12% VTR. This was possible through a partnership with Google that led to the creation of a Command Centre which gathered together in one room, marketers, data specialists, media experts, the creative agency and the Google team.

Describe the strategy

Consumers are at a higher risk to get infections during Ramadan: Since Ramadan is characterized by a complete month of family time and non-stop congregations, the risk of spreading infections increases dramatically. Before Ramadan, online consumption and watchtime on YouTube starts increasing and stays high during that month: During the Holy Month, the audience spends 12% more time on consuming content across the Internet than the rest resto of the year. Facebook, during this period, sees 1.92 million incremental hours on its platform in the region. Our strategic approach: We wanted to act as a reminder to stay protected against infections by taking advantage of consumers’ increased online content consumption without disrupting their lives.

Describe the execution

STEP 1: A DATA-DRIVEN CREATIVE APPROACH - We created contextual videos. - We identified through data provided by Google key trends and keywords and mapped over 10 different targeting variations. - 7 key topics: Food, Family, Entertainment, Fitness, Sports, Gaming, Makeup. - This lead to the creation of 45 (English & Arabic) different contextual 6s videos across 9 different interest verticals. - Videos touched upon topics like: Recipes, setting up the Iftar table, sharing food, having dessert, cooking with your children, dressing up for Iftar, watching sports, exercising, watching a movie, gaming or playing with your kids. Each pre-roll looked like the beginning of the video that the viewer was about to watch. STEP 2: A HYPER-PERSONALIZED TARGETING STRATEGY - The core of the targeting strategy required to mix different variations to serve relevant content: Resulting in 43 targeting moments.

List the results

Achievement #1: We gained 4.1% share in the handwash segment, bridging the gap vs our competitor - Lifebuoy grew to 19% in Volume on May 2018 in the Handwash segment, 4.1% more than the previous month and 12.9% in the same period the year before. - The brand in the Handwash segment grew to 27.8% in Value, 2.7% more than the previous month. Achievement #2: We improved brand relevance by 3% in one quarter - We improved by 3%, bringing our relevance to 71% in Q2’18, compared to 68% in Q1’18. Achievement #3: Ad Recall lifts across the board - On affinity (based on user interests) videos, we saw a lift in ad recall of 14.3% and favourability of 12.7%. - On keyword targeting videos, we saw a lift in ad recall of 9.8%.


Name Company Role
Piotr Osinski Wunderman Dubai Executive Creative Director
Hassan Bilgrami Wunderman Dubai Associate Creative Director
Michele Deiuliis Wunderman Dubai Senior Art Director
Alvaro Bretel Wunderman Dubai Strategy Director
Madhurima Ray Wunderman Dubai Copywriter
Georges Kallab Wunderman Dubai Group Account Director
Adeel Allahwala Unilever Marketing Manager
Aastha Chawla Unilever Global Brand Manager
Yanisa Paopiamsap Unilever Brand Manager
Sandra Essa PHD Media Associate Director Digital Planning
Kamala Ram PHD Media Senior Executive Digital Planning
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