2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantTNA Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryDurable Consumer Goods
Idea Creation TNA Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement TNM Cairo, EGYPT
Production TNP Giza, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Incorporating a rap style song featuring women from all walks of life representing the modern and empowered women in Egyptian society who are tired of being taken for granted. They are tired of shouldering the load by themselves, this is them, taking a stand after years of hard work going unnoticed. The rap’s discourse portrays the struggle and frustrations they share on daily basis; how no one has their back until Ariston shows up, positioned as their right hand, their partner at home that helps shoulder the load. The style implies their rebellious nature; adding a certain feistiness and fire to support their plight. The fact that women aren't prevalent in the Egyptian rap scene makes it even more relevant; showcasing the fact that they don't want to be stereotyped any longer under societal norms; they are free to do as they please - even if it includes rapping.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

The idea stems from the insight that Egyptian women in modern society are still under immense pressure when it comes to handling household chores. Egyptian women are still expected to perform the role of the stereotypical ‘perfect housewife’ who shoulders the load by herself, one who is expected to cook, clean and attend to all household and family duties. In addition to shouldering the load by themselves, they receive no appreciation in return for their efforts. That’s why Ariston sought to fulfill a need that has long been unaddressed in Egyptian society; to recognize and praise all their hard efforts in an attempt to show understanding and support. Our discourse sought position Ariston as their partner who will support them when no one else will, one who understands their struggle and makes an effort to make their daily chores a little easier to making routine life a little less tedious.


Name Company Role
Basel El-Deeb TNA Managing Partner
Mostafa Sherif TNA Creative Director
Omar Dawoud TNA Senior Creative Copywriter
Ragy Baqy TNA Senior Creative Copywriter
Hosam Akil TNA Senior Creative Copywriter
Sevag Der Sarkissian TNA Associate Creative Director
Hazem El Saadani TNA Managing Director
Mahhmoud Badr TNA Client Servicing Director
Salma Khairat TNA Account Manager
Sary Hany Key 66 Productions Music Composer
Karim Mira LZRD Grading
Baher Rasheed Circle Editor
Mohamed Attia Tarek Nour Production Art Director
Mahmoud Khattab TNP Head of Production
Khaled Galab Tarek Nour Production Producer
Seif Widgan Tarek Nour Production Producer
Mohamed El Zayat Tarek Nour Production Director
Sondos ElGabaly Tarek Nour Production Assistant Director
Norah El Khateeb Tarek Nour Production Assistant Director
Bosaina Abdullah Tarek Nour Production Stylist
Mahitab Ayoub N/A Post Production
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