2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantTNA Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryCharities & Non-profit
Idea Creation TNA Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement TNM Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

An Elegant, romantic and soft storytelling, showcasing miniature versions of the child patients who use the hospital as their playground and its equipment as their toys while singing a rendition of the classical hit "The Key To My Heart Is In Your Hands" in a metaphor that shows how this hospital can be their gateway to normal life thanks to donations to be collected. The first child sits on top of a book in the hospital room and uses the heart monitor as a game interface, then the second child as a miniature uses the doctor's stethoscope as a swing. The third child uses the MRI slope as a place to ride his bicycle etc. The commercial concludes with Sir Professor Magdi Yacoub, the founder of the Magdi Yacoub Heart foundation in the hospital playroom with the children surrounding him in a very warm scene.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

“The Key To My Heart Is In Your Hands” is a very popular romantic Arabic song from 1962, when the original singer Farid Al-Atrash was singing it for his beloved one and telling her “The Key To My Heart Is In Your Hands”. The idea here was to use this classic song about relationships and create a twist to tell a love story between two different and unexpected parties; the patients and their potential donators. With such a pure, romantic yet direct message, we reminded the donators that, with their donations, they have the key and power to cure the patients’ hearts and save their lives. By having the patients singing it this time, and while changing the lyrics of anything but the original chorus, we delivered the literal and medical meaning of “saving one’s heart” in addition to the metaphorical and romantic meaning of the classic original song.


Name Company Role
Basel El-Deeb TNA Managing Partner
Mostafa Sherif TNA Creative Director
Ahmed Hany TNA Associate Creative Director
Baher Fahmy TNa Art Director
Hazem El Saadani TNA Managing Director
Mai El-Attar TNA Business Director
Alia Ahmed TNA Senior Account Manager
Tia Shehata TNA Account Executive
Farida El-Ibiary TNA Account Executive
Karim Badr TNP Agency Producer
Tamer Mortada N/A Director
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Studio Sound Design Arrangement
Mahmoud Khattab TNP Head of Production
Sary Hany Key 66 Productions Music Composer
Mohamed Reda TNA Junior Creative Copywriter
Seif Widgan Tarek Nour Production Producer
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