2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantINNOV8 Tunis, TUNISIA
CategoryViral Film
Idea Creation INNOV8 Tunis, TUNISIA
Idea Creation 2 INNOV8 Tunis, TUNISIA
Production INNOV8 Tunis, TUNISIA
Production 2 INNOV8 Tunis, TUNISIA

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Our idea was to overlook the usuals, since we know that a major amount of the Tunisian youth is struggling with the friend zone phenomenon. This year we decided to think about them and talk about valentines day from another perspective : the FriendZone one. We started by exposing the problem, taking the example of highschool students we presented it a short funny video where the most known young Tunisian influencers starred in, the video ends with a call to action leading to the advergame. The advergame consists in a simple mechanism ; Use the avatar of the Friendzoned guy to escape from the friend-zone , by moving him from a room to another while collecting keys. The surprise was that when the player escapes, he realizes that his itinerary was the word I Love You in arabic, and that's when he can Share it with his better half.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Our target audience was mainly the Tunisian youth so we managed to create a simple and a light concept with high impact potential. The Tunisian social media users which are mainly youth, are not anymore interested in commercial offers or classic advertisements, they are today looking more for entertainment to escape the actual Tunisian atmosphere empoizened by politics, terrorism, economic situation and religious talks. And that's why we decided to create a combined Branded Game / Brand Content that had an affinity creation approach as a goal.


Name Company Role
Mohamed Heykel Kraiem Innov8 Design Studio General Creative Director
Seifeddine Klai Innov8 Design Studio Digital Manager
Mohammed Hammami Innov8 Design Studio Strategic Planner
Mohamed Amine Jouini Innov8 Design Studio Art Director
Achref Mejri Innov8 Design Studio Graphic Designer
Mehdi Ben Amor UM Tunisia Media Planner
Hafedh Farhani UM Tunisia Media Manager
Amel Ayed Orange Tunisia Digital Manager
Haythem Gadacha Orange Tunisia Digital Marketing Manager
Oussama Labidi Innov8 Design Studio Manager
Chayma Srairi Innov8 Design Studio TV Producer
Mohammed Mkaddem Innov8 Design Studio Copywriter
Selim Zaouali Innov8 Design Studio Game Developer
Ahmed Zouabi Innov8 Design Studio Web Developer
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