2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryFast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation DDB EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

A man has a peculiar condition where hair is growing in irregular parts of his body. The doctors are perplexed by his condition, and seemingly unsure as to how they should deal with it. More so, they do not seem confident in their ability to remedy the situation. The boys reactions and situation are presented in an extremely comedic manner, he seems visibly concerned about his well-being ad health and safety. The proficient anesthesiologist is not available on shift, only Dr Sharaf is left, whose medical abilities they seem skeptical of. The final decision - after a hilarious patient inspection - is to go on with the procedure regardless of the outcome.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Hospitals in Egypt are generally a little but chaotic - in terms of administration as well as organization - Doctors are very trusted and qualified however the system does not help. Generally, another insight is that Egyptians are usually optimistic about the outcome of seemingly hopeless situations, therefore the decision to operate anyway despite their lack of understanding of the patient’s problem.


Name Company Role
Akram Negm DDB Creative Director
Hashem El-Sokary DDB Creative Director
Yasmin Emad DDB Copywriter
Mahmoud Tag DDB Art Director
Ahmed Tarek DDB Managing Partner
Basel El-Deeb TNA Managing Partner
Shahira Akel DDB Managing Director
Cherry Wahdan DDB Client Servicing Director
Amr Nour El-Dien DDB Account Manager
Haitham Abu Samra NA Director
Mihai Marius Na DOP
Islam Hassan NA Art Director
Mahmoud Khattab TNP Head of Production
Hager Ewais TNP Agency Producer
Amr Junior NA Post Production
Mohamed Saeed NA Production Manager
Sami Nassar Na Grading
Ehab Gohar Na Editor
Khaled Azzam Na Stylist
Islam hassieb NA Sound Design
Wael Darwish NA Product Shot DOP
Heba Naem NA Product shot Art Director