2019 Winners & Shortlists



Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

This copy is about a wife telling her husband that she had an accident and the car is a total loss. The husband receives the news while remaining calm as he is drinking his coffee. We see the man sitting on the table and the wife hands him a cup of coffee. The wife announces that she had an accident with the car yesterday. The man while sipping his coffee comforts his wife and tells her not to worry as their car is insured. The wife tells her husband that she didn't pay for the insurance. The husband very calmly asks his wife where the car is. The wife hands him the car mirror and explains that the mirror is whats left of the car. The man receives this news while remaining calm and chilled as he drinks the coffee. The VO says "nothing ruins Abu Auf coffee's mood"

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Turkish coffee is consumed widely in Egypt as a mood lifter, it's associated mainly with "me time", as an escape from the stress of the day. It is widely consumed in homes, workplace and with friends. In this campaign we played mainly on the insecurities of our targets, bombing them with bad news that are rooted in their psyche and testing their patience and cool as they are consuming our coffee. The results are bulletproof as seen in the executions, portraying our claim that good coffee will not ruin your mood.


Name Company Role
Hamza Azzam Vision Advertising Managing Director
Ashraf Foda Vision Advertising Creative Director
Nora Alameldin Vision Advertising Account Director
Muhammed Tawfik Vision Advertising Copywriter
Abdallah Oraby Vision Advertising Art Director
Sarah El Midani Vision Adveritisng Graphic Designer
Merna Ali Vision Advertising Editor
Rowaida Osama Vision Advertising Copywriter
Ahmed Hamaki Vision Advertising Graphic Designer
Aseel Fakhoury Vision Advertising Account Executive
Alia Ganoub Vision Advertising Account Executive
Salma Safwat Vision Advertising Account Executive
Samia EL Khodary Vision Advertising Graphic Designer
Youssef Zeid Yellow Duck Films Executive Producer
Lotfy Abdel Aziz Yellow Duck Films Producer
Magdy Kamal New Black Post Editor
Adham El Sherif Adham El Sherif Director
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Engineer