2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryB2B Products & Services
Idea Creation DDB EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement TNM Cairo, EGYPT
Production TNP Giza, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The protagonist is having a nightmare that he is stuck in a microbus, with replica figures of a popular dog character. The protagonist is portrayed as a distressed bobble-head, placed carelessly on the front dashboard of the microbus. The driver asks for everyone to pay and collect the fair. The driver is handed the money and he slams it right next to the bobble-head, knocking him off the dashboard onto the front seat. The bobble-head looks up to see the derriere of a heavy woman about to take a seat, comically squashing him, and so he yells out "NOOO". The protagonist wakes in shock form this terrifying nightmare. He tries to get up out of bed and finds his feet sinking in inches of water. Realizing to his dismay, that some nightmares like this one do come to an end, and some nightmares like pipe leaks, never really end.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

This ad is a comment on egyptian society, featuring a dog that appears as a regular motif in Egyptian popular culture. The protagonist is having a nightmare that he is stuck in a microbus - the ultimate symbol of chaotic public transportation around Cairo and within Egypt - with replica figures of the dog. The dream is a clever pay on reality versus subconscious and the connection between both. Piping system sin Cairo are known to be quite weak and not very durable, and so flooding is a common occurrence. This is why Hamza - positioned as the foolproof, trustworthy piping brand that will end all your plumbing nightmares - is presented as the ultimate solution that will end all your flooding nightmares at the end of them ad.


Name Company Role
Basel El-Deeb TNA Managing Partner
Shahira Akel DDB Managing Director
Mostafa Sherif DDB Creative Director
Cherry Wahdan DDB Client Servicing Director
Omar Dawood DDB Senior Creative Copywriter
Ragy Baqy DDB Senior Creative Copywriter
Hossam Akil DDB Senior Creative Copywriter
Nader El-Nakoury N/A Director
Samar Aly TN Production Producer
Victor Credi N/A DOP
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Studio Sound Design Arrangement
Mohammed Fakhry N/A Art Director
Reem El Adl N/A Stylist
Mohsen Sherif N/A Assistant Director
Dalia Khairy DDB Account Director
Mazen Nawar DDB Junior Creative Copywriter
Mohamed El-Lewa DDB Junior Creative Copywriter
Ahmed El-Sebaie DDB Junior Creative Copywriter
Karim Abo El Dahab DDB Senior Account Executive
Khaled El-Barbary DDB Account Executive
Yasser Shama N/A Sound Engineer
Amr Rabee LZRD Editor
Omar Naguib Farah Squids Visual Arts CGI & Online
Karim Mira LZRD Grading
Amir Hedayah N/A Music Composer
Khaled El Ghandour N/A Line Producer
Mahitab Ayoub N/A Post Production
Mohamed Saeed N/A Production Manager
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