2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantFP7/BEY Beirut, LEBANON
Idea Creation FP7/BEY Beirut, LEBANON
Production BLACK RHINO Beirut, LEBANON

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Lebanese are known for their competitive spirit. The world cup pushes this sprit to the edge. Because so many different people support so many different teams, any world cup discussion can easily turn into a very heated, even dangerous, conversation. In the film, we're showing how Lebanese argue about football but in an exaggerated and funny way. The film revolves around a neighborhood where everyone is making fun of each other’s teams. The arguments escalate to the point where a huge fight between all the neighbors breaks off. The film ends with everyone in the police station where the chief of police tells them it’s really not worth it to behave that way. A simple message from the brand, Master chips, telling people to cheer responsibly whenever buying their favorite team's new limited edition chips instead of resorting to violence.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

The reason this film got a lot of traction was because it taps into a real cultural and social issue: Each Lebanese lives in a region, belongs to a certain religion and even social class. And because Lebanon never qualifies, a lot of these groups identify themselves with certain countries that compete in the world cup. Christians tend to support France or Germany, Muslims Brazil, and recently there has been a surge in support for Spain and Argentina. That’s why discussions between fans can get very heated. Every 4 years, people get in trouble and sometimes lose their lives because of such arguments. We wanted to create a film that shows the absurdity of this behavior and tie it into the new products released. That's what got the film to fly on social, where everyone tagged friends who they know are this competitive when it comes to the world cup.


Name Company Role
Emile Atallah Fp7 Bey Managing Director
Carl Bou Abdallah Fp7 Bey Regional planning manager
Karim Kazan Fp7 Bey Executive Creative Director
Rosy Mouallem Fp7 Bey Senior Art director
Tarek Bacha Fp7 Bey Head of Arabic copy
Maia Noun Fp7 Bey Senior account executive
Mia Estephan Daher foods Marketing Manager
Nassif Abou Aloula Fp7 Bey Business director/Digital director
Mario Atallah Fp7 Bey Senior agency producer