2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryFinancial Products & Services
Idea Creation FP7/CAI Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

We all know Oufa from the first Ramadan campaign where he was unaccounted for among his family members, Now Oufa is a fresh graduate who starts his first job in a company thinking that he will turn things around for himself & that his colleagues will start treating him as a responsible adult, little did he know that he will be labeled as “The new guy” & his worst fear starts all over again, but this time it’s his colleagues who don’t acknowledge him.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Given that 60% of the Egyptian population is under the age of 30, most of them are fresh graduates who apply for jobs & are ready to be treated as responsible grown ups, but starting your first job is the toughest, all your colleagues know you have no prior experience, all your participation efforts will be taken for granted even if you are right, and it will take a long time for you to be accounted for. EGBANK knew how to tackle the youths’ professional life issues & relate to them for the second year in a row, but this time by launching MINT; a workshop for new & fresh business ideas by the youths, lead by marketing & financial experts who help the young entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a successful business.


Name Company Role
Amr Haddad FP7/CAI Creative Director
Omar Radwan FP7/CAI Senior Copywriter
Ziad El Samahy FP7/CAI Senior Art Director
Hisham Nagi FP7/CAI Business Director
Hatem el Rashidi FP7/CAI Senior Account Manager
Engy Yasser FP7/CAI Account Executive
Naila Fattouh FP7/CAI Head Of Strategy
Sabrina El Ghoneimi FP7/CAI Senior Strategist
Ashraf Hosafy FP7/CAI Senior Agency Producer
Ali Ali Good People Director
Pierre Mouarkech Good People DOP
Assem Ali Good People Art Director
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbala Good People Producer
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Amr Rabee Lizard Editor
Sary Hany Key 66 Productions Music composer
Nada Adel Good People Stylist
Ahmed Mohy Good People Casting Director
Renad Tarek Good People Assistant Director
Donya Refaat Good People Post Producer
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