2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryArtist in Partnership with a Brand or a Cause

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Amr Diab’s album is a staple of every summer.You can hear the tunes everywhere.His concerts garner the biggest number of fans. Given our recent inclination to digital, we decided to have a different release style for this album.By doing that we kept our audience entertained throughout the whole summer and hyped for the songs instead of everything dying out faster.In addition to the animated videos we created, we amped up the entertainment value by asking our audience to submit their own versions of his hit romantic song, which allowed us to have an array of mixed submissions using different styles.


The brief/objective, was initially to push opt-ins Amr Diab’s USSD, which systematically send messages and updates for everything from concerts to album release dates. To keep it fresh this summer, we decided to dissect the whole experience on digital. We started with creating intrigue for the album, by releasing teasers every now and then and short animated videos with the music from the album, once we got our audiences hooked and we could tell which song was bound to be the summer hit, we asked them to re-create it for a chance to get Amr Diab to their wedding. What happened was as soon as Amr Diab was onboard, we got over 60 brands wanting to participate, end result? The lucky couple now has a full 360 wedding for free and even a smoother sail onto their marriage life.

Describe the creative idea.

Amr Diab and his album launch is a vital opportunity that can not be missed, we wanted to utilize it to create an unforgettable experience for the audience with their number number one entertainment icon Amr Diab. And this time by making the audience themselves create their own content using Amr Diab's romantic hit instead of just receiving the content from us. Creating an infinite amount of entertaining content and online conversations that disrupted the internet. During the album release, we asked every engaged couple to create a video showcasing their love story using his romantic hit for a chance to win a dream wedding that Amr Diab will perform in and since then we moved the nation towards one goal "bringing Amr Diab closer to you". Every video submission posted by the audience passed an average of 1.5 million views.

Describe the strategy

We used a strategy known as Passion Point + Reason To Believe = Humanized content. With this logic, we took the passion point, which is loving Amr Diab and looking forward to all the weddings he’ll be in this summer and his summer album that will be the soundtrack of every summer moment. The reason to believe is that we are THE ONLY sponsors for Amr Diab. Our humanized content in this case was divided across what we can do for the album, what we can do to push more opt-ins and what we can do to captivate audiences across social media everywhere.

Describe the execution

We asked couples between 21 to 28 to shoot a video that entails their love story using Amr Diab’s latest romantic hit and the winner couple will have Amr Diab sing in their wedding. In 48 hours we managed to get every couple submitting after Amr Diab tweeted that he is on board encouraging others to join the hype; on top of them are Samsung, Kempinski, Maybelline, Mr. Tuxedo and others all to complete the picture of a dream wedding every couple awaits. Timeline: Mid September 2018, announcing the 3 finalists in October, announcing the winners late November, the wedding took place on Feb 20th. It all happened on Vodafone and Amr Diab's social media platforms.

Describe the outcome

Reaching 6,000 plus submission with 3 finalists and 2Million organic shares and now we have one winning couple with a dream wedding scheduled on February 20th. 67 Million Reach 13 billion impressions on Amr Diab and Vodafone Egypt. 82% Positive sentiment on Vodafone Egypt 96% positive sentiment on Amr Diab 6000+ submissions on the hashtag More than a 2 million shares in UGC organic reach


Name Company Role
Amr Abdel Wahab J.Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Copywriter
Sherif Adel J.Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Art Director
Rula El Kaliouby J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director
Rana Nadim J.Walter Thompson Cairo Digital Art Director
Amira Mohamed J.Walter Thompson Cairo Digital Junior Art Director
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Mohamed Salah J.Walter Thompson Cairo Digital and Social Media Director
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