2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryBrand Integration & Sponsorships/Partnerships
Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The main two pillars of Entertainment are TV shows and football, in this campaign we managed to couple one of the region's most watched shows, La Casa De Papel with the king's cup both under the Netflix Umbrella.


As soon as La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) launched on Netflix MENA, it became an integral part of the conversation in the region and soon enough it rooted itself in the Saudi pop culture. Dali masks have been spotted everywhere and the character of “El professor” became a cultural icon referring to the show. The show’s madness reached new levels when Al Ittihad FC fans used a La Casa De Papel inspired tifo during a game, celebrating the resemblance between the club’s manager and El Professor prompting Netflix to embark on a reactive campaign with the intention of bringing the two fandoms on one platform.

Describe the creative idea.

Celebrating alongside the fans of the club and the show through their journey to win The King’s Cup in 2018.

Describe the strategy

A build up content -led strategy using multiple video content, each tailored to the status of Al Ittihad team in the King's cup. The objective was increasing the engagement with the fans through out the Ittihad team matches in the Kings cup. Our concept was "Lets win this cup" and each video delivered the message with a twist depending on the teams status in the cup.

Describe the execution

We created 3 videos. We started with a video for Berlin the fans favorite from the show, wishing them as well as their club the best of luck, then we recreated one of the most iconic La Casa De Papel scenes, The planning of the Heist, with their coach and players instead of the professor and his gang planning to get the cup before their final game. We also had a photoshoot of the players as mug shots in reference to the iconic visual from the show for the players to post on their channels, then finally we posted the video of those mugshots as a congratulatory asset, less than an hour after Al-Ittihad won the cup.

Describe the outcome

The three videos were watched more than 3 M times, they were shared and reuploaded by fans, Sports publications/platforms, and TV shows, during the last quarter of the championship: La Casa De Papel and Netflix were always part of the conversation. The campaigned garnered 3.8M organic views Estimated organic impressions of 19.9M Total engagement of 2.8M Earned media value $349K


Name Company Role
Fouad Fallah Netflix Marketing Manager - MEA
Rasha Omer Netflix Brand Editorial Manager - MEA
Delia Lauret Netflix Integrative Producer
kamal mohamed sadek marzouk Kijamii Graphic Designer
Summer Nazif Kijamii Copywriter
Reem El Desouky Kijamii Copywriter
Mostafa El Agamy Kijamii Art Director
Kamal Marzouk Kijamii Graphic Designer
Seliman Assad Kijamii Executive Producer
Rana Zaki Kijamii Head of Multimedia and Production
Zeyad Salem Kijamii Account Director
Bahy Abo Elezz Kijamii Chief Operating Officer
Ivo Mosertman Self employed Director
Thibaud Danton Self employed DOP Lighting Cameraman
Kareem Hossem Kijamii Senior Account Manager
Nouhad Hachicho Made in Saudi Producer
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