2019 Winners & Shortlists


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CategoryOnline: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Production KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

After Egypt's loss from Russia in the 2018 World cup and becoming the 1st team to be eliminated, the emotions of Egyptians where so down. But few days after that match, our video was launched to play on and lighten the Egyptians misery and turn it into laughter due to its relevance to the audience emotion at this time and real incidents that happened in Russia's match. This was through the opportunity to take Egypt's revenge virtually with a very insightful commentary using a spot-on promotion for a very popular activity to our target audience: Playstation football games.


2018 was Egypt's first World cup year since 1990, which was a perfect opportunity for all brands to communicate with their audience, so our streets and news-feed were flooded with endless cheerful campaigns that felt the same. President cheese "The famous dairy brand in Egypt" wanted to join the marathon of brands campaigning for the Egyptian football team in the world cup with a promotional digital campaign. The objective was to increase the sales of cheese triangles and engage with the consumers in such a historical event and we wanted to create something that can stand out and break through the clutter.

Describe the creative idea.

With the matches results being completely unpredictable, we decided to wait till the event starts and come up with a concept that is relevant and insightful from our national team’s results in the World Cup. Our breakthrough happened right after the 2nd match, when Egypt lost by 3 from Russia and became the first team to officially leave the World Cup. Our idea was to create a promotion to win a PlayStation, play a virtual football match and get your "sweet revenge" from the Russian team. We launched the campaign with a digital video that delivered the message in an insightful & humorous way.

Describe the strategy

Instead of falling into the trap of celebrations and optimistic campaigns, we followed a blue ocean strategy. We waited till the event started and responded with an idea that is insightful from our team's results in the world cup. In other words, hijacking the sentiment of football fans on social media. Our Target Audience were late millennials and gen Z, school and university students who consume this product frequently. These young generations who don't have time for foolishness, accordingly we chose the digital platform since it's where they exist, share and express their true emotions. And we had to create something true, insightful and relevant to them and to the event itself.

Describe the execution

We created a humorous video for a kid playing a football match on PlayStation between the Egyptian team and the Russian one while enjoying his "Sweet Revenge" for our team's big loss. The script was written based on real incidents that took place in the match itself, like Ahmed Fathi "Egyptian national team captain" scoring an own goal. The video ended with a promotional message "Win a PlayStation from President and get your sweet revenge". The video was a huge success not just because of the target audience relevance, funky voice-over and script, the right casting, but also because it addressed the unfortunate event in a funny unexpected manner and perfectly captured the Egyptians’ attitude towards the situation while effortlessly reflecting our community’s hilarious sense of humor.

Describe the outcome

The campaign video achieved Virality of 352% higher than the average industry campaigns, leading to 131 M total campaign impressions. This generated EGP 3.1 M Earned Media Value (EMV), resulting in 33% increase in sales. Important Notes: *Virality Rate Definition: Percentage of Earned (Organic) over Paid impressions for the main video. - President Cheese WC Campaign Virality Rate = 4.38% *Average Industry Virality Rate: Analysis done on 15 Dairy-Focused campaigns during 2018, Average = 0.97%. *Earned Media Value Definition: It is the estimated financial value resulted from the organic reach of the campaign. This estimate is done by calculating the organic results of the campaign & estimating the cost of paid media that could have spent to achieve the same results.


Name Company Role
Hatem El Awa Kijamii Creative Director/Director/Copywriter
Noha Sonbol Kijamii Account Director
Muhammed Daoud Kijamii Director Of Photography
Soliman Asaad Kijamii Executive Producer
Ahmed Ezzat Kijamii Assistant Producer
Rana Zaki Kijamii Head of Multimedia and Production
Assem Sharaf El Din Freelancer Art Director
Nermine Alaa Kijamii Editor
Sherif Fathi The Cell Colorist
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Engineer
Islam Haseeb Frequency Sound Engineer
Ahmad Coucha Kijamii Chief Financial Officer/ Partner
Bahy Abo El Ezz Kijamii Chief Operation Officer/ Partner
Bassem El Hady Kijamii Chief Executive Officer/ Partner
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