2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Original Composition for a Brand or Campaign

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

In Egypt's cluttered advertising scene, entertainment content and use of celebrities is frequently used by Telco Operators across "mass segment tariff" to raise awareness of their services and increase affinity with their brands. With a new music genre trending all over Egypt, reaching all social levels, Orange decided to enlist the support of this well known song, re-compose it, changed the original lyrics and turns it into Egypt's number 1 hit.


With Egypt's political and economic instabilities and the drastic increase in prices due to the fluctuation of the Egyptian pound, customers became price sensitive offer-seekers, driven more by value for money propositions than by emotional impulses. In the middle of an economic crisis, Orange created a new tariff for the Mass segment under a promising new platform to "flood" its pre-paid customers with awards every-time they use their charge cards. While competition ignored the current economic situation and kept promoting products and services whose prices excessively increased, Orange hijacked the opportunity to cater to immediate customers needs and provide them with "offers up to their knees" of gifts and partnerships with other parties and brands. Campaign objective: Launch Orange new Mass segment Tariff Achieve forecast of sales for the Mass segment Tariff during 2017

Describe the creative idea.

"Offers up to your knees" an Egyptian proverb used when people face a barrage of too much of anything to an extent that they need to roll-up their pants, sleeves, etc. to deal with the onslaught. The creative idea was based on “flooding Egyptians to their knees” with gifts, a veritable festival of “offers and awards” to drown in. Using humor in a song and music video to generate awareness, interest and opt-ins.

Describe the strategy

Prior to the launch of Mass Tariff segment Orange’s portfolio was unified under the mother brand. After EGP floatation, and the subsequent hit to consumer spending, Orange decided to divide its portfolio into four separate tariff plans each targeting a different SEC segment in the market. Dividing the portfolio allowed the business more flexibility in customizing its services to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The Mass Tariff segment had to launch with a bang to persuade Egypt’s most hard hit segment to continue re-charging with Orange. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-37857468 Phase 1: introducing Orange's new Mass Tariff with a cheerful entertaining piece of content, asking people to face the current economic crisis with a smile because Orange’s new tariff would arrive like an oasis in this desert with offers and promotions “you can wade into up to your knees”. Phase 2: Partnership with retailer Phase 3: Social media engagement

Describe the execution

The music video depicts Abu Hafiza in his famous worn out apparel depicting the plight of the average Egyptian with his friends and colleagues from various locations and vocations dancing to a remix of a popular “mahraganat”/ festive dance song rewritten to the message of “roll up bro, to your knees bro”. Opening on a desolate desert wasteland of “no offers” our main character bemoans his financial situation when suddenly he introduces the announces Orange's new offer "offers up to your knees" and breaks into a new iconic dance routine rolling up his pants to wade into Orange's never ending offers.

Describe the outcome

After the government floated the EGP, inflation rose almost 34% and prices of goods and services doubled. Orange responded by launching a Mass Tariff providing promotions and co-branded offers. With consumers more price sensitive than ever they flocked to the offer in droves. Opt-ins hit 140% and redemptions achieved 140% and 100% over forecast respectively. The number of unique customers was more than double any other recharge promo representing highest engagement rate among previous Orange promos. The promotion generated total incremental revenue of 20% increasing the daily ARPU by 20% during the promo and by 5% after it. On social media, "Offers up to your knees" became number 1 trending on YouTube with a total viewship 52,760,062. Organic viral post reaching total interaction 12,254,409 out of 11,330,568 reach. Video content created on digital platform with “roll-up” choreography taken from the ad which reached 6.4M views, 90K interactions and 11.7K shares.


Name Company Role
Mohamed Fouad Leo Burnett Cairo Executive Creative Director
Osama Arnaouty Leo Burnett Cairo Creative Director
Mohamed Kamal Leo Burnett Cairo Creative Director
Mohamed Zoheir Leo Burnett Cairo Art Director
Mohamed Magdy Leo Burnett Cairo Copywriter
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