2019 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantBEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
CategoryExcellence in Music Video
Idea Creation BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement 2 SLINGSHOT Kuwait, KUWAIT
Production GOOD PEOPLE Beirut, LEBANON
Additional Company SLINGSHOT Kuwait, KUWAIT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The film celebrates culture in its truest form - through artistic expression. There is a magic in staying true to tradition but this film showcases a different side of the community where it invited engagement in the form of expression. The film managed to use the premise of musical content to connect to customers they had lost touch with.


KITCO chips was one of the first local chips manufacturers in the region and has a very loyal fan base in Kuwait, however with the introduction of Western brands like Lays, Pringles and Doritos, in neighboring markets, the affinity for cool and fun went to the competition. KITCO needed to reposition itself while staying true to who they were. They needed a unique voice that gave local community something to be proud of that felt owned by them that wasn’t influenced by external neighboring cultures but inspired by it. It was very important to showcase something that did not feel Western or “exported” from another market.

Describe the creative idea.

What makes this region bounce is how diverse they are. A melting pot of micro communities and belief systems. KITCO shares the same values - a mix of tradition and progressive ideas. The film recognizes the magic of having all those different ideas and beliefs in one world and how it creates a better today - celebrating the authenticity and traditions of the culture our audience are part of yet showcasing it in a way that is relevant today.

Describe the strategy

The positioning for the brand was built around an idea of honing in on our own originality even if it is an interpretation of a different time. Being original didn’t mean sticking to the limitation of a tradition. It meant celebrating who you are unapologetically and with pride because it is that authenticity that drives culture. The idea however couldn’t be limited to an advertisement, it had to extend into a tool for expression for the brand. The creation of a soundtrack (original music) that could be repurposed by viewers was a key element that we wanted to have on hand for sharing online. We launched the track on soundcloud and provided competition winners with first access links to download them.

Describe the execution

When everyone is focusing on what culture and behavior is correct or better, the film came out with a different perspective showing the positive of being open to difference. It began with the campaign began with the launch of the film online and on social platforms. Cinemas and on-ground activations followed with partnerships with dj’s and local bands to perform the soundtrack to follow.

Describe the outcome

The reaction from the community was instant. The film launched on a Friday morning and was being distributed within hours on WhatsApp reaching over 50 million users with engagement of over 250,000 on instagram and twitter. Four weeks into the film in cinemas and release of outdoor billboards views had reached a whopping 14.17 million views. Breakdown of Results: 2.3 m Instagram 5.2 M youtube 2.47 M twitter 4.2 M Facebook The campaign is still ongoing with partnerships with influencers and on ground activations to continue. However, the film itself has received raving reviews in the form of follows and commentary.


Name Company Role
Dana Alhanbali Beattie + Dane Brand Director
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Executive Creative Director
Mostafa Faramawy Beattie + Dane Executive Producer
Daniah Al Aoudah Beattie + Dane Creative Collaborator
Sabine Farah Good People Executive Producer
Nancy Sabagh Good People Executive Producer
Chantal El Haber Good People Producer
Lana Sennawy Good People Director
Tahoun Good People DOP
Wael Mandour Good People Assistant Director
Lionel Soria  Good People Art Director
Beatrice Harb Good People Stylist
Rita Girgis Good People Casting Director
Amr Rabee Lizard Editor
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Sary Hany Key 66 Music + Sound Design
Rudy Abushebl Good People Photographer
Romy Zalloum Good People Post Production Producer
Donia Refaat Good People Post Production Producer
Aslan Tarek Good People Post Production Producer
Nizar Wannous Slingshot Managing Director
Nawal Murib Slingshot Managing Partner
Majdi Ghanem Magna Global FZ LLC Media Director
Danish Ahmed Magna Global FZ LLC Digital Manager
Vanna Al Attar Magna Global FZ LLC Digital Media Executive
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