2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
EntrantBEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
CategoryExcellence in Audience Engagement & Distribution Strategy
Idea Creation BEATTIE + DANE Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Media Placement SLINGSHOT Kuwait, KUWAIT

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Seeding content to generate a response was key to how the messaging was built throughout the campaign. We knew that adoption of the cause would take more than one attempt so the call to action was always framed around the pain point and how travelers could help solve it. With each piece of content, the audience got more comfortable being vocal about the cause. Influencers partnerships were used to pivot the message throughout the six week campaign and help direct traffic to the brand’s page to incentivize engagement


For the past 3 years the online travel sector in the GCC has been growing at rate of 9% per year with global players dominating the category. Rehlat, a Kuwaiti travel app, needed to cut through the clutter of deals and destinations and reposition itself as the brand that understood the Middle Eastern traveler. To activate this platform, we needed a cause so relevant to the anxieties of our core target only a local player would know.

Describe the creative idea.

When it comes to travel, people have different types of anxieties. One of the biggest for Arabs is hygiene, especially after using the bathroom. The problem started with the lack of the “Shattaf” a water hose used to clean after bathroom usage, commonly found in the Middle East. It’s such a large problem that Arabs who travel abroad rely on alternatives like water bottles, wet wipes, and other less convenient options. Granted that it’s quite a private matter, no one was comfortable publicly talking about it, much less requesting it. Rehlat decided to champion this cause and address the world by introducing them to the concept of the Shattaf and how it is a superior alternative to toilet paper.

Describe the strategy

Arabs are conservative, for the campaign to work they needed to be on board. We couldn’t ask them that, so we started by asking them a different question “How do you explain what can't be explained?” on billboards with no branding. The curiosity led the conversation online, to a trending hashtag that set the stage for the release of the first film, introducing the the Shattaf to the English speaking world. Subtitles were added for Arabic speakers, not translating, but explaining why it was important for them to be part of the movement. Each film ended with a direct call to action asking people to tag their favorite Shattaf-less brands. The stakes started to get higher, a second film was released pushing the boundaries further, which ignited a #washvswipe conversation that generated an even bigger audience in preparation for an on ground activation that would lead to actual change.

Describe the execution

Reach and advocacy were the primary goals. Outdoor billboards were the trigger, digital provided scale and influencers provided angles of engagement for six weeks. The content needed to connect with travelers yet appeal to international brands as a legitimate cause. Once the seed was planted in the form of a trending hashtag, a film was released starting to direct the conversation around the topic while a second film showcased a blunt demonstration comparing usage of toilet paper to water. Rehlat even flew a life-size Shattaf to London to visit hotels directly and promote the cause with the support of digital billboard’s and posters plastered all over the city. All content provided an opportunity to present a unique CTA for recall of the brand. Tagging hotel and airline brands that didn’t have shattaf Sharing content of benefits of Shattaf Downloading the Rehlat app to book hotels that provide Shattafs

Describe the outcome

45% view through rate across all film-based content. 1.3 Billion Impressions 700,000 Interactions across all content 3,100 Hotels tagged to install shattaf by travelers 20 million views across all platforms 720,000 earned engagement 500,000 USD in earned media engagement 72% engagement in the form of likes, comments, shares, and posts. 20,000 Conversations around the content in the form of threads. 45,000 brand mentions from users across the region. 20,000 hotels installed the shattaf world-wide and are now listed on the application. Rehlat created an industry first! A filter within the amenities section of the application used to book hotels.


Name Company Role
Dana Alhanbali Beattie + Dane Brand Director
Anes Al Rayes Beattie + Dane Executive Creative Director
Mostafa Faramawy Beattie + Dane Executive Producer
Daniah Al Aoudah Beattie + Dane Creative Collaborator
Laila M. Al Gharabally Beattie + Dane Creative Collaborator
Faisal Al Munayes Beattie + Dane Creative Collaborator
Nawal Murib Slingshot Managing Partner
Nizar Wannous Slingshot Managing Director
Paul Sabbagh Wonderful Productions Executive Producer
Rytta Mezher Wonderful Productions Producer
Mohamed Zayat Wonderful Productions Director
Yves Sehnaoui Wonderful Productions DOP Lighting Cameraman
Patrick Farra Wonderful Productions Art Director
Rachel Lahoud Wonderful Productions Casting Director
Marianne Tanios Wonderful Productions Casting
Petr Cunk Wonderful Productions Production Designer
Sarah Chaoul Wonderful Productions Production Designer
Loulla Aoun Wonderful Productions Production Manager
Pia Attallah Wonderful Productions Stylist
Amr Rabee Lizard Editor
Karim Mira Lizard Colorist
Khaled Hamdy Khaled Hamdy Studios  Music & Sound Design
Walid Kanafani WaveMaker Kuwait General Manager
Abeer Al Mozil WaveMaker Kuwait Account & Media Manager
Linda Notelovitz Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign Producer
Nic Goodwin Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign Editor
Joseph Marcantonio Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign Director Of Photography
Owynne Dawkins Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign 2nd Camera
Giovanna Winetzki Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign Creative Coordinator
Monde Mkhizwane Linda Notelovitz LifeDesign Music Composer
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