2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCreative Effectiveness for Good
Idea Creation J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Media Placement J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO
Additional Company J. WALTER THOMPSON Casablanca, MOROCCO


A young woman slowly removes makeup from her face. What seems like a guide for women on how to remove makeup gradually turns into a more sinister message. Her removal techniques reveal scars of domestic violence. The call to action is a direct response to Moroccan state-owned 2M TV’s segment showing women how to cover their abuse marks with makeup. ENTI.MA’s response to the outrageous 2M TV segment is portrayed in the same light as most makeup tutorials. In follows the same timeline as the original 2M segment, but in reverse. Just a few days after ENTI.MA's video was shown, it reached 3,000,000 views mainly on Facebook (Enti.ma facebook page + reUpload by medias such as Herpress.ma…). It was shared 1,000,000 times on social media. Online debate sparked around the country, bringing the topic back in the conversations. Influencers also took part to the debate, like Miss New York 2015 (Who is of Moroccan descent) that made herself an advocate for the cause. Even if a few days of waiting were needed, local media like HuffPost Maghreb, Telquel, the leading Moroccan magazine, wrote about the video, and brought back the cause to headlines. The international press – those who had reported the previous 2M debacle – also reported on the ENTI.MA video. The video was also shown on international news channels across the globe. Those resulted in $500000 PR value for $0 media investment, as per the media agency.The number of unique visitors on enti.ma increased by %15 during the period, according to Enti.ma. The webzine gained credibility amongst woman in Morocco,and is becoming an icon of the womanisation of the Moroccan Society. In the same time, the campaign helped the Moroccan magazine to win a growing awareness internationally.


Name Company Role
Ramsey Najaa J. Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Chafic Haddad J. Walter Thompson Chief Operating Officer
Hazem Kaddour J.Walter Thompson Casablanca Managing Director
Mohamed Oudaha J. Walter Thompson Creative Director
Dina Benbrahim J. Walter Thompson Copywriter
Marouane El Hanafi J. Walter Thompson Associate Creative Director
Hind Chaouat Hind Chaouat Communication Film Director
Yasmine Loukmari / J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director