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Why is this work relevant for Direct?

The ‘Twogether Box’ is a direct-marketing concept with a clear call-to-action to parents at the heart of it: “Give a Good Example and Donate Together”. More than just a mechanic to accelerate donations, the ‘Twogether Box’ also served as a learning tool for parents to teach children about the key Ramadan value of compassion. By doing so, the ‘Twogether Box’ let Majid Al Futtaim create a new, meaningful family ritual during Ramadan.


Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) operates some of the region’s most loved retail and entertainment destinations, and every Ramadan they run a CSR campaign encouraging donations for those in need. With much of the Middle East in turmoil in 2018, from the Syrian refugee crisis to the civil war in Yemen, the need for help was increasing. The desire to make a big difference was reflected in the core objective: increase the volume of donations from last year by 5%, from 60 tons in 2017 to 63 tons in 2018. Other objectives were: encourage engagement and donations at on-ground activations, increase positive brand interactions and engagement (measured by positive interactions and growth across MAF social platforms), achieve above industry benchmarks for Engagement Rate and View Through Rates, develop breakthrough creative to achieve a media KPI of 2 million total views across digital platforms.

Describe the creative idea.

We wanted parents to involve their children actively in the donation process, and in doing so teach them a bigger life lesson about compassion, a key Ramadan value. While there are many ways for a child to learn, we realised that the most compelling is by example. We created the ‘Twogether Box’. Unlike a regular donation box, it was designed to encourage 2-sided donations. A divider created two sections: one for parents and one for children. The call-to-action on the box is ‘Give a Good Example’, inviting parents to involve their children in donating while setting a good example themselves. But the ‘Twogether Box’ represented more than an opportunity to double our donation pool. Its uniqueness was that Majid Al Futtaim, a brand that wants to inspire great moments together, also created a new Ramadan family ritual for parents and children to be a part of together.

Describe the strategy.

Previously MAF’s Ramadan campaigns were broadly targeted to adults in the Gulf region, appealing to their compassion with a generic donation call-to-action. This year, in order to inspire bigger action we saw an opportunity to also create the next generation of donors for MAF; we turned our attention to families with young children. We recognised that Ramadan is a time for parents to teach their children about the key Ramadan value of compassion. If we could leverage this, we would be able to connect with parents more closely. To MAF as a brand, this audience is important, because families make up a large proportion of footfall to retail and entertainment destinations. To increase donations, we needed parents to donate but also teach their children about the importance of giving. The campaign had to inspire dialogue and it had to give children an active role in the donation.

Describe the execution.

All executions in all channels drove parents to pick up the ‘Twogether Box’ from Majid Al Futtaim destinations and start donating together with their children. To connect with parents during key Ramadan moments, we focused creative and media spend on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and on-ground activations. Radio played a supporting role to help drive awareness and reach, focusing on Arabic placement. Outdoor was chosen for its ability to remind people to donate at MAF destinations, when family time was top of mind on their drive home for the Iftar meal. To show parents exactly how they could set a good example for their kids and involve them in the donation, we created 5 short digital films, asking parents to “Donate Differently This Ramadan” and spend meaningful moments together with their children. On-ground activations handed out ‘Twogether Boxes’ and enabled families to hand in their donations

List the results.

By creating the next generation of donors and giving kids an active role in the donation, we achieved an astonishing 201% increase in items collected (the target was 5%): from 60 tons in 2017 to 121 tons in 2018. On-ground engagement went 143% over target. We grew brand love on all social channels; communities on Facebook grew by 30%, Instagram grew by 6% and YouTube grew by 44% by the time the campaign had finished, showing that our message and brand truly resonated with people. Our YouTube creative performed above industry benchmark for Engagement Rate (27% vs 18-20%) and View-Through-Rate (27% vs 10%). By syncing our digital campaign with popular Ramadan TV shows we leveraged second-screening behaviour, enabling us to achieve 22 million views across all digital platforms, exceeding the targeted 2 million total views by an astounding 110%.


Name Company Role
Richard Hol Nomads Executive Creative Director
Fabian Hupfauf Nomads Creative Director
Brence Dsa Nomads Agency Producer
Adam Fierman Nomads Creative Director
Rana Ahmad Nomads Arabic Copywriter
Zeina Chidiac Nomads Design Director
Patricia Sampaio Nomads Designer
Asjad Mukadam Nomads Creative Artworker
Yafa Nassar Nomads Account Manager
Ashleigh Naudé Nomads Planning Director
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