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Product/ServiceHAPPY MEAL
CategoryTravel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This work is relevant for the Direct category as it targeted families in McDonald’s restaurants throughout the UAE with the Happier Meal, a special-edition Happy Meal created to strengthen the bond between parents and their kids while increasing brand love for this childhood favorite on its 40th anniversary. By creating a special meal for adults with its very own packaging and compatible toy, our call to action for parents was to use these items as tools to enjoy playtime together with their kids instead of leaving them to play alone while parents remain glued to one of their many screens.


McDonald’s has always been a champion of family bonding. But today more than ever, families aren’t spending enough quality time together. With Happy Meal celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, our task was to find a creative way for Happy Meal to bring families closer together again and promote quality time between parents and their kids in a way only Happy Meal possibly could.

Describe the creative idea.

We added something special to this childhood favorite that’s more valuable to kids than any toy could ever be, more quality time with those they love most. A special edition Happy Meal that’s as much fun for adults as it is for kids, the Happier Meal let parents join their kids in the fun, spending quality time, and making playtime even more special. With every Happy Meal purchased, we turned mom and dad’s order into a Happy Meal too, with their very own limited-edition box and toy, encouraging playtime and bringing parents and kids closer together.

Describe the strategy.

Parents today strive to spend more time with their children, in fact according to research it is number one on their priority list, above security and education for their kids. We turned this insight into an opportunity, and used the most iconic family element of McDonald’s, the Happy Meal, to introduce a “Happier Meal”, a bigger box of magic for the parents in order to facilitate family bonding through the comfort and familiarity of McDonald’s.

Describe the execution.

We chose the day families visit McDonald’s the most, Saturday, and surprised parents with the Happier Meal offer in all of our flagship stores across the country.

List the results.

Overall Sales increased by 25% vs. previous Saturday averages (average taken over a period of 12 months) – keep in mind that the Happier Meal included core menu items such as Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, meaning the Happier Meal led to an increase in overall business results. Happy Meal sales increased by 16% vs. previous Saturday averages (average taken over a period of 12 months). Happier meal sales were at 3000 units in one day! All of this with 0 media budget. This product was not promoted on any platform and was solely dependent on the usual flag ship stores’ footfall on the most popular day of the week.


Name Company Role
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
André Nassar Leo Burnett Dubai Regional Executive Creative Director
Tariq Ayass Leo Burnett Creative Director
Rafael Augusto Leo Burnett Dubai Creative Director
Michael Habre Leo Burnett Dubai Creative Director
Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues Leo Burnett Dubai Head of Art
Felipe Menezes Leo Burnett Dubai Senior Art Director
Waleed Bachnak Leo Burnett Copywriter
Sally Ballout Leo Burnett Dubai Planning Director
Rami Itani Leo Burnett Communication Director
Mahmoud Jaber Leo Burnett Dubai Senior Account Manager
Haytham Dayeh Leo Burnett Dubai Business Lead
Sunil DCosta Leo Burnett Dubai Print Production Manager
Shereen Mostafa Leo Burnett Dubai Head of Production
Elham Abi Rached Leo Burnett Dubai Agency Producer
Prodigious ME Prodigious ME Production House
Prodigious ME Prodigious ME Post-Production House
Mahmoud El Masry Prodigious ME Production House Producer
Nayla Chacra Prodigious ME Production House Executive Producer