2019 Winners & Shortlists


Client/BrandLIV. BANK
Product/ServiceGOAL ACCOUNTS
Type of EntryDigital & Social
CategoryUse of Mobile

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Liv. was a newcomer to the world of digital banking, and the first digital lifestyle bank in the UAE. Our research identified that millennials were unable to save enough for the things they loved. So our aim was to break the stereotype that saving HAS to be boring and difficult to do, by presenting a simplified, fun, personal and automatic way for millennials to save. Goal accounts were fully integrated into the Liv. mobile banking app, with a simple user interface that allowed users to visualize their goal, pick an easy way to start saving automatically, and track progress.


Let’s face it, spending is fun while saving can be quite boring, even painful when you compare this delayed gratification to the joy of buying something now! For every intention to save, there are 10 or more reasons to spend. Even if you manage to start saving (say around New Year) the hard part is to keep on saving. As a matter of fact, three-quarters of UAE residents claim they are not saving anything! Liv. wanted to break the stereotype that saving is boring and difficult. We wanted to find a way to help millennials save, not just because it’s good to save, but because it’s fun, personal and automatic. And lastly, we wanted to show our customers that we were there to help them break bad spending habits, by gently nudging them towards what truly is their goal!

Describe the creative idea.

Research shows that millennials’ attitude towards savings varied greatly from the previous generations. Money for them was a means to an end that powered life experiences. We integrated that concept of “living money” and launched Liv. Goal accounts to help millenials save for the things they want, or want to do, by turning them into goals. From a trip to Bali, to building capital to start their own business or just saving for a rainy day; saving has never been easier. No additional apps are needed. Everything lives close-by in a separate, protected Goal Account, so our customers won’t “accidentally” spend it. Goals can also be personalized with a name and picture and progress is visualized via a success bar.

Describe the strategy.

Our millennial audience, aged 18-35, comprises of students, homemakers, young mothers, and young professionals. Their sources of income vary, but they all have one thing in common: a wishlist. They don’t necessarily have the discipline to save for these things, but what if they could save while spending? We created automatic rules like: • Save a fixed amount each time you use your Liv. card • Move a set percentage to your goal when you top up • Spend less than your budget and save the balance • Save a fixed amount daily, weekly or monthly It’s also easy to choose a Goal from preselected categories: • DO. what you love • GO. see new places • BUY. something special • START. your business, • SAVE. for a rainy day By reinventing savings, and making them personal and achievable, we became the accelerator that brings people closer to their goals.

Describe the execution.

Liv.’s Goal accounts were launched in July 2018. Our communication strategy was simple: we started by creating awareness about WHY someone should care about setting up a Goal account through a series of relatable examples of lifestyle goals that could be achieved with simple rules. We then went on to answer WHAT a goal account is. It was important to then show HOW easy it is to set up and keep on saving to reach a goal. The product was communicated on social media through both organic and sponsored content, through emailers, in-app notifications and SMS. We used data and insights to create nudging notifications, infographics, competitions among different groups, sent hand–written notes and boosted their motivation. We leveraged existing customers as a key priority, and reached out to potential new customers. The whole campaign was launched with maximum impact and minimum budgets in mind.

List the results.

Our goal accounts were a hit with our customers! In just 7 months, 32,000+ goal accounts were created, with 25% goals completed within 6 months. 40% of them created by 18-23 year-olds, who are often labelled as frivolous “non-savers”. 33% of millennials were saving for a rainy day, 25% of millennials were saving to travel, and 10% of millennials were saving to start their own ventures. 60% of goal accounts were created by female customers, breaking yet another stereotype. Goal accounts now contribute to more than 10% of the total balances kept by customers in their Liv. accounts - money that’s safely parked away and can’t be accessed for impulse spending.


Name Company Position
Mher Krikorian Netizency Head of Content
Saheer Muhammed Netizency Graphic Designer
Faheem Mohamed Netizency Graphic Designer
Ali Faheem Netizency Multimedia Designer
Elise Maalouf Netizency Multimedia Designer
Tamara Habib Netizency Business Director
Fadi Khater Netizency Founder/Managing Partner
Aline Krioghlian Netizency Senior Social Media Manager
Lana Bilani Netizency Senior Social Media Executive
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