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Production UTURN Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
Production 2 UTURN Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

The target audience we had in mind for this campaign was very specific, parents with young children and their children. The campaign was split into 2 different phases targeting each target audience separately and delivering on key insights and learning related to both target audiences. For the parents we showcased the benefit of the app and how dangerous the online world is and for the children we concentrated on the fun aspect of the app. We targeted them in an innovative way, which generated action and lead to downloads and usage.


Nowadays, many parents let their children use video-sharing platforms unsupervised, as they’re unaware of the inappropriate content kids are exposed to. The brief was to launch and introduce Tuby as an app to Parents - as a solution to limiting and controlling what their children view online with the objective being increased app downloads.

Describe the creative idea.

The Uncomfortable Social Experiment The online world is as dangerous as real life. Parents tend to be overprotective in real life. You will never see a parent allow their kids to go out and play with strangers for example, but they do not mind having their children browse the interact without restriction. That loose control online is what the app is delivering and we wanted to highlight that to the parent through the social experiment - You need to keep an eye on what your kids view online.

Describe the strategy.

We had the parents in mind when conducting this social media experiment. The reason behind that is that parents are responsible for their kids activities and actions. This generation of parents did not grow up with internet fully available – internet was limited to reading news, doing a project or downloading a song. With this speed of internet and wide variety of content available, it’s a completely different animal. Kids browsing YouTube for example can go from watching a kids song/show to a video showing a stranger eating glass or jumping from the roof. We wanted to bring it home and make that danger tangible for the parents to sense and in turn, do something about it.

Describe the execution.

For the parents we did a social experiment video that showcased just how dangerous and uncomfortable it is for strangers to interact with their children - with the video of the reactions getting high views on social media. For the children we had several on ground activities and a short animation video to relate to them and have them use the application.

List the results.

The online film of the social experiment achieved 20 million expressions overall with an engagement rate of 10.38 percent. The view through rate was 41 percent. The app itself managed 827,000 downloads so far, regularly ranking in the top downloaded apps in the country since its release. The app also scored 4.6 out of 5 overall with 95 percent positive views.


Name Company Role
Chafic Haddad J.Walter Thompson Chief Creative Operations Officer
Rayyan Aoun J.Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Amr Wagih Mergawi J.Walter Thompson Creative Director
Max Dipasupil J.Walter Thompson Art Director
Abeer Alsalem J.Walter Thompson Copywriter
Noor Wafa J.Walter Thompson Copywriter
Maian Alken J.Walter Thompson Senior Copywriter
Joe Aboudaher J.Walter Thompson Head Of Production KSA
Jad Haddad J.Walter Thompson Associate Business Director
Ziad Rayes J.Walter Thompson Account Director
Yasmin Moufti J.Walter Thompson Account Manager
Rabie Hassoun J.Walter Thompson Senior Planner
Dana Alkutoubi J.Walter Thompson Head of Strategic Planning KSA
Ahmed Alsahhaf Saudi Telecom Company GM Marketing & Communications
Faisal Alsaad Saudi Telecom Company Traditional Media Director
U-Turn U-Turn Production House
Jotaro U-Turn Director