2019 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceCAR HAILING
Type of EntryUse of Direct
CategoryUse of Ambient Media: Large Scale
Media Placement MEDIACOM Cairo, EGYPT

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Instead of telling the masses how an ‘inaccessible’ life is difficult, we showed them. We altered the stairs to be from the perspective of the differently-abled in a lively location, built ramps all over Alexandria, and added a new car category in our fleet to cater to the physically-disabled.


Disabled individuals in Egypt are challenged to get through the day, for the mere reason of inaccessibility in the streets to move around without the need of support from others. In Egypt, 2018 was highlighted as the ‘Year of the Disabled’. A law was passed earlier that year aiming to make wide-reaching reforms to the legal rights of the disabled. Since Careem stands for mobility, the brand wanted to capitalize on the situation by turning Alexandria into an accessible city; building facilities and adding physically-disabled transportation method on the app. As Alexandrians are attached to their city, the objective of the campaign was to increase brand equity and customer loyalty, by showing that every ride adds value to their city, and to stand by the brand aims. Which are to uplift communities, support infrastructures, and solve local problems, as an enabler that improves the lives of millions of people.

Describe the creative idea.

In a country that lacks awareness on accessibility and the importance of it in the lives of people who were blessed with being differently-abled, how do you cut through the clutter? The simplest form was to put them through the same obstacles that the physically-disabled members of the community go through. The main goal behind the activation was to create awareness that if it’s hard for a normal pedestrian, who has full ability to walk, then accordingly it’s harder for someone who is physically-disabled.

Describe the strategy.

In Egypt there is a lack of awareness and data gathered with regards to the disabled community generally. After relentless attempts to lock down a definite number to quantify our audience, we decided that it is time to create the needed awareness around the physically-disabled individuals, by making the mass audience go through their daily hardships in the street. To shout out the fact that there are disabled citizens, we had to put the audience in their shoes by creating a stunt that mimics the challenges that the physically-disabled community go through. Our call to action was to highlight that accessibility in the streets is a fair right that needs to be equally distributed to every member of the society.

Describe the execution.

Our aim was to have the stunt done in an action-packed area of the city to guarantee as much reactions as possible. We placed hidden cameras, all around the areas and the heavy rails to see how people will react and interact with the obstacles. After one month of scouting for the ideal location, alongside an urban designer who supported in designing the obstacles to ensure that they are difficult to pass, yet safe at the same time to not cause any injuries to the pedestrians. We found a pedestrian bridge next to a school in one of Alexandria’s lively areas to shoot during the week to ensure high traffic. Along the rails of the stairs, and in several other areas surrounding the bridge we placed the cameras to make sure we capture all reactions.

List the results.

A brand that has been struggling with love and affinity with the audience managed in the time span of 2 months to achieve the following: - Customers Organic acquisition increase of 2% - Customer Retention increase of 66.4% in Dec 2018 and 70% in Jan 2019 The online controversy which our stunt copy created, managed to raise awareness on the disabled community due to the different opinions that rose between different sides of the audiences.


Name Company Position
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Salma Hamouda J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director
Menna Hagrass J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Director
Dina ElTonsy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Nourhan Nour J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Account Executive
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Farah Sultan J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Copywriter
Marwa Khalifa J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Art Director
Amir Adib J. Walter Thompson Cairo Planning Director
Mayan Sabry J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Planner
Nazli Kassem J. Walter Thompson Cairo Planner
Diana Jebally J. Walter Thompson Cairo Head of TV Production
Ahmed El Ruby J. Walter Thompson Cairo Agency Producer
Ahmed Abdel Kader J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director
Karim Shaaban The Talkies Cairo Director
Fawzi Darweesh Bee Media Production DOP
Zeina Eissa Bee Media Production Executive Producer
Moustafa Salah Bee Media Production Head of Production
Mohamed Saeed and Yahia Gweifel Bee Media Production Producers
Abdallah Elabd Mediacom Managing Director
Isis Adel Mediacom Digital executive