2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryPackaging Design
Idea Creation WALI'S STUDIO Cairo, EGYPT


Egyptians felt that 7up is westernized, they lack the sense of local relevance. The last 7up campaign was few years ago, the brand needed a strong comeback in the Egyptian market. 7up have never partnered with a local design studio, its packaging is always a global adaptation. We took the initiative to design the first local pack series, the 7up celebrating Egypt limited edition collection. Shares & Volumes: 16% AUG Vs YAGO & 30% Mid July to Mid Sep Vs YAGO / Gained 0.5PT Aug Vs YAGO. Distribution: Nationwide. Cans Volumes: 2,800,00. Trade Support covering 106 outlets top key retail & Modern Trade stores (Nationwide).

Describe the creative idea.

A celebration of Egyptian culture through the lens of 7up. The idea is a timeline concept/ a livable documentation of an ancient history-the chronological graphical evolution of Egyptian visual culture embodied in four illustrations.1.The empire|3100 B.C: the pharaoh can, time era is ancient Egypt, theme is the pharaonic timelessness. The Egyptian factor is history & true identity. The 7up factor is pride in oneself. 2.The kingdom|1880s: the woman villager can,time era is rural Egypt, theme is the art of Nubia. Egyptian factor is Egyptian governorates, 7up factor is playful & beauty in diversity. 3.The state|1940s: the cat can,time era is modern Egypt,theme is the daily proverbs based on mythical creatures. Egyptian factor is Egyptian belief systems,7up factor is originality & unleashing the wildness. 4. Millennium city life|2018: the truck art can,time era is Egypt today, theme is the kitsch art.Egyptian factor is Egyptian street pulse.7up factor humor/inner child.

Describe the strategy.

7up celebrates originality and helps people get back to their most real, 100% selves. “Celebrate Egypt” through all its forms through through 4 main pack designs. The whole campaign was built on their design concept and manifested and exhibited in : Main commercial, tactical commercial, activation bumpers, Song, Digital activation, On ground activation, Master visuals Point of displays at key retail stores and modern trade, PR and CSR. Each design represents both an Egyptian factor and a brand persona. Promote public art & raising the sense of ownership of heritage, making art accessible to the public, on shelf verses in galleries. Modernize and play with Egyptian cultural layering to encourage consumers to celebrate the diverse things this country offers. Design transformation into wearable art. Spreading design oriented culture. Age group (20-29) – All secs. Crafting a customized story that intersects with their daily journey. Hammering on the power of convergence.

Describe the execution.

Can1: visual language is portraiture.illustration technique is cubism. You can’t think about Egypt without the pharaohs. How could this be made fresh as 7up? Funking up a pharaoh with pop art sensibilities teamed with bold lines & vibrant colors. Can2: visual language is patterns. Illustration technique is monoline. Egypt is multilayered, digging deep to find the underground diversity that has existed for years. The iconic lotus flower combined with mythical creatures playing on the banks of the Nile. Can3: visual language is floral & animal figures. illustration technique is iconic. Egypt rich history has a plethora of patterns scattered throughout its gorgeous architecture. These trademark patterns are modernized. Can4: visual language is urban street art. illustration technique is hand painted & typographic lettering. Egyptians, at their core, love to express themselves. Truck drivers decorate their vehicles with kitschy art that gives the streets of Cairo their diverse flair and creativity.

List the results.

This campaign was an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in all things Egyptian. Local fans have praised the concept and visuals.The pack program is highly disruptive and driving collectability. Paving a way of people creating works that celebrate their identity(students, photographers, and even both non-art and art enthusiasts). Collective social media achieved impressions 408,015,750 verses planned impressions 200,000,000. Egyptian history lovers/tourists have been mesmerized by the packs, making the packs somehow represent and promote Egypt from a tourism POV. Pepsico Egypt office changed their internal Branding with the artworks. The digital activation amassed 200+ submissions from the duration of August to early October of 2018. 7up’s FB page acquired 46.4K fans & the IG page acquired 80.4K fans across the duration of the campaign. Cans Volumes: 2,800,00 Shares & Volumes: 16% AUG Vs YAGO & 30% Mid july to Mid Sep Vs YAGO / Gained 0.5PT Aug Vs YAGO.


Name Company Role
Ghada Wali Wali's Studio Founder & Creative director
Yasmine Wali Wali's Studio Cofounder & Managing Director