2019 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
CategoryPublications & Brand Collateral


“Fear and Fantasy Festival” is Turkey’s first festival in its kind. The festival mainly focuses on screening movies, talk sessions and entertaining activities. The brief was to create a cutting edge brand identity that would immediately grab the attention of the young audience and to create communication elements based on “Fear” and “Fantasy” Notions. The objective was to announce & promote the festival within the most “unusual” ways possible. Budget was limited. Therefore, the elements of communications had to be chosen smartly in order to create buzz. All of these led us to create a campaign with an adaptable logo and a layout system in relation with the use of photography. The website and the Instagram account showcased a series of short videos related with “fear” and “fantasy”. Brand collateral is inspired by the creativity we have seen in history of fear and fantasy films.

Describe the creative idea.

There is an intriguing relationship between human nature and the knife. It gives a sense of threat on first sight. Yet it also gives a certain degree of pleasure. The worlds of fear and fantasy are both embodied in the object of a knife. Thus ‘Knife’ as an object has become the heart of our work and helped us create a unique identity.

Describe the strategy.

The target audience is film lovers and especially those who have special interest in fear and fantasy genres, which is a huge, and growing interest area in all parts of the world.

Describe the execution.

As the knife has become on to the heart of our works; it led us to create a campaign with an adaptable logo (in the shape of a knife and represents the name of festival) and a layout system in relation with the use of photography. Addition to this; the corporate identity was developed. The branding collateral is inspired by the creativity we’ve seen in fear and fantasy genres. Branding collaterals were used in unusual ways and these are: business card, letterhead, envelope, sheet protector, pencil, ice tray, rubbish bag. A series of films and posters were created as a part of the corporate identity. The films captured different reactions interpreting what fear and fantasy does to you. Website was designed and users enjoyed a playful experience that they never had. The layout system exploited each medium according to its means.

List the results.

Although the festival was organized for the first time in Turkey; it turned out a successful one. The awareness of the festival has established and grabbed a lot of attention of the audience on social media by the help of creative works. Creative works were published on many design websites and also aired on sector’s leading magazines.


Name Company Role
Ilkay Gurpinar TBWA\Istanbul Chief Creative Officer
Ela Bilgisel TBWA\Istanbul Deputy Managing Director
Ozge Guven TBWA\Istanbul Design Director
Samet Erel TBWA\Istanbul Brand Manager
Evrim Saracoglu TBWA\Istanbul Head of Production
Nevra Aydin TBWA\Istanbul Agency Producer
Irem Akalin TBWA\Istanbul Agency Producer
Hakan Gulsoy TBWA\Istanbul Print Production Director
Utku Yazici TBWA\Istanbul VFX/Composing Artist
Emre Irmak TBWA\Istanbul Music Composer
Gulten Yilmaz TBWA\Istanbul Project Manager
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