2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryProduction Design / Art Direction
Media Placement ZENITH Cairo, EGYPT
Production 2 LIZARD FILM Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Intriguing one’s senses by simply going back to Mega’s basic brand credentials. The essence of our brand is simply against the rituals of Ramadan. The sensual brand and a burst of ingredients, were both in contrast to everything that the holy month is all about. The film takes one into a surreal journey of a lady who experiences the flavors of Mega. The film is made up of includes 5 chapters; each chapter reflects one mega variant. The chapters are beautifully designed to take the viewer into a mouthwatering journey. The sequences combine with abstract element that reflects the main ingredient of the variant along with beauty shots. In media terms, this is where the game got more exciting. We have launched the campaign the night before Ramadan, for our target audience to wake up and find this tantalizing mouth water Mega waiting for them as they are fasting.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Ramadan is deadly when it comes to competition of any sweet product. Local Desserts take on a fierce stand because of all the gatherings happening on daily basis. Innovation is up the roof, with unconventional mixture of flavors and ingredients. Once Ramadan’s in the picture, these deserts are well-received by people, because they also suit the nature of large gatherings given their shareable size. This is all happening in the summer; the ice cream season. Ramadan is a month that is full of chaos and over crowdedness. Ramadan represents a month full of togetherness and promotes “we”. Even when all brands showcase the togetherness mood of Ramadan, and try to fit in it.

Tell the jury about the production design/art direction.

Every sequence was given a unique color code that reflected the story to the variant. All the elements in the sequence followed. The sets were build with CGI free technique. Even with melting ingredients, the camera was left rolling for hours until the right melting speed was captured. The craft in the design of teh ingredients (the white chocolate statue, or even the chess pieces took weeks to perfect.


Name Company Role
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Salma Hamouda J. Walter Thompson Cairo Executive Director
Nevine Ramzy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Manager
Hana Magdi J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Executive
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Mayan Sabry J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Planner
Mariam Makram Ebid J. Walter Thompson Cairo Copywriter
Ahmad El Abi J. Walter Thompson Senior Art Director
Mohamed Fathi J. Walter Thompson Cairo Art Director
Diana Jebally J. Walter Thompson Cairo Head of TV Production
Karim Samaha Froneri Country Marketing Manager
Gehan Goubran Froneri Group Brand Manager
Mai El Rawi Froneri Brand Manager
Begad Omran BigFoot Films Executive Producer
Aly Seif El Nasr Big Foot Films Producer
Mayar Tarek BigFoot Films Producer
Mathery Big Foot Films Directors
Mathew J. Smith Big Foot Films Director Of Photography
Wael Alaa Freelancer Music Composer
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