2019 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceEL KEF
EntrantVIDEORAMA Casablanca, MOROCCO
Idea Creation SHEM'S PUBLICITE Casablanca, MOROCCO
Production VIDEORAMA Casablanca, MOROCCO

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

In the laundry market, El Kef faces an immense competition but also faces the challenge of creating the desire among consumers to consider the solutions of the outsider El Kef as a valid alternative to brands that have already "prove themselves" and builds a capital of legitimacy, credibility and trust. « The softest way to do the hardest job » it’s a creative way to show how hostility isn’t always the most effective way to solve a problem The films seem quite realistic at first, but then an extremely silly and funny feel starts taking over the commercial, while keeping the realistic and filming aesthetic going. After a while we realize that this is a metaphor to how the product works. It’s an extremely different way to tackle products in this category.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

In the first copy, we re using morocco police's reputation for interrogatory methods hijacking the alleged violence to highlight the soft way efficiency.


Name Company Role
Yanis Ayouch Shem's publicité CEO
Qods Ouaissi Shem's publicité Creative Director
Ahmed El Zoghlami Shem's publicité Executive Creative Director