2019 Winners & Shortlists


Idea Creation KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Media Placement KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT
Production KIJAMII Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

After Egypt lost against Russia and got eliminated from the World Cup, Hooka -the teenager in the copy- got mad like all Egyptians, so he used the PlayStation he won from President cheese promotion to play against Russia and take revenge for Egypt and himself. He re-created the match with the same kits, used all the game hacks from shrinking Russian players to reducing their attributes to bringing the world top-players to the Egyptian team in order to increase the score margin as much as possible. He enjoyed humiliating the Russian team by executing skill move, scoring in all possible ways, even the Egyptian goalkeeper scored. Hooka created himself in the game with the maximum attributes and replaced the Russian goalkeeper with his Chemistry teacher. The video signs off with a clear message that you can win a PlayStation If you buy President triangles cheese to get your revenge.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Egypt was the first team to leave the 2018 World cup after 28 years of waiting for this appearance, Ahmed Fathi the Egyptian captain and Number 7 scored an own-goal in the match against Russia.

Provide the full film script in English.

It’s so unfair going out the way we did against Russia and to be the 1st team to get eliminated from the World Cup, we only wanted to be happy. But yo’ Russia, if it was a match you won at the World Cup, I won a PlayStation with PRÉSIDENT. So let’s have a go Russia! And the game starts, Egypt’s has the ball, amazing control, and into the net, what a call from the heavens. Russia’s down by 1 nil. And here I am setting ‘amateur level’ for the Russian team, bringing your attributes to zero. Now the Russian teddy bear’s up for grabs selling at 10 cents at the bargain market… Let’s cutback on those inches. And there goes Egypt, dare to dream, the Sombrero flick trick! And a bicycle kick!... That’s 12 nil. You see the captain got what he wanted, but I didn’t... So I took in Messi, The Don and Maradona as Egyptians for the next match. Egypt lays one in, brilliant dynamic, tucked in to Cristiano, the Tiki-Taka… Goalkeeper sprints out, dribbling the whole Russian team, one after the other. 15 nil, unbelievable And now he is flipping! And that’s the cheese that made me win, and who’s that hot fella! That’s yours truly getting into action. Here we have Mr.Abshakour my chemistry teacher that’s gonna be your goalkeeper for the upcoming fixture. Cristiano slams a shot! What’s the matter Cris, can’t get through Mr.Abshakour! Houka dances his way in, making quick work of Mr.Abshakour… Feeding him the grass, That’s for getting me in trouble with my dad earlier. Anyways… With every PRÉSIDENT triangle cheese pack, you could win a PlayStation 4, a World Cup football, Or a lot of other prizes!


Name Company Role
Hatem El Awa Kijamii Creative Director/Director/Copywriter
Noha Sonbol Kijamii Account Director
Muhammed Daoud Kijamii Director Of Photography
Soliman Asaad Kijamii Executive Producer
Ahmed Ezzat Kijamii Assistant Producer
Rana Zaki Kijamii Head of Multimedia and Production
Assem Sharaf El Din Freelancer Art Director
Nermine Alaa Kijamii Editor
Sherif Fathi The Cell Colorist
Hosny Ali The Garage Sound Engineer
Islam Haseeb Frequency Sound Engineer
Ahmad Coucha Kijamii Chief Financial Officer/ Partner
Bahy Abo El Ezz Kijamii Chief Operation Officer/ Partner
Bassem El Hady Kijamii Chief Executive Officer/ Partner
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