2019 Winners & Shortlists



Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film depicts the plight of a specific group of contemporary Egyptian men who have been “domesticated” by modernity to forsake their rugged nature and raw instinct in pursuit of careers, social recognition and an unreachable ideal propagated by society. As the modern world grapples with the controversial topic of masculinity, questions, criticizes and reframes it, the opportunities to express one’s “manhood” have been reduced to routine chores that undermine man’s full potential. The film is a satire of status and image driven advertising utilizing men of different ages, backgrounds and looks who present a stark break from the clean-cut poster boy image of the modern man perpetuated by Egyptian advertising. Toyota Fortuner encourages men who feel reluctant to express themselves to break free from the pristine image of the modern man and indulge the rugged less-groomed side to their characters.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

No topic is as debated, idolized and stereotyped as manhood in Egypt. Men come under much pressure to use their raw power and physical ability to do the extraordinary. Society measures their worth by their capability to provide and protect, yet this does not come easy. To be a man in Egypt comes with a long list of qualities that include being responsible, caring, capable of providing and supporting, and possessing physical strength. At the same time, changing attitudes towards manhood and new technologies mean these qualities are of lesser value hence men have fewer opportunities to prove their manhood. In this context Fortuner was perceived as a strong yet ugly vehicle, practical but not as classy as its competition. We saw an opportunity to leverage this perceived disadvantage to an advantage, linking its toughness to having a bold persona, giving it an aspirational value that can uplift its image.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the edit.

We wanted to tell two stories; of the car and of the men. The cross cuts between the car in the deserts and the portraits of the men allowed us to believe that all them have once been in the car in some way or another. It was important for us to stay true to the concept of the copy instead of glamorizing the Toyota Fortuner. We kept the grand reveal of the car’s full shape till the end, choosing instead to cut back and forth between forces of nature, aesthetically pleasing portraits and zoomed in shots of the car. Using the music’s apparent bass line, we build up a climax and emotional momentum to eventually reveal the car ‘at the end of the storm’.


Name Company Role
Amr Darwish Leo Burnett Cairo Managing Director
Mohamed Fouad Leo Burnett Cairo Executive Creative Director
Mohamed Yousri Leo Burnett Cairo Head of Planning
Tarek Metawe Leo Burnett Cairo Associate Creative Director
Ayman Anwar Leo Burnett Cairo Senior Art Director
Nada Ayoub Leo Burnett Cairo Copywriter
Mina Sawiris Leo Burnett Cairo Graphic Designer
Dina El Dessouky Leo Burnett Cairo Group Account Director
Donya Labib Leo Burnett Cairo Communication Supervisor
Sara Hosni Leo Burnett Cairo Agency Producer
Mariam Gabr Leo Burnett Cairo Junior Agency Producer
Maged Nassar Good People Director
Khaled Zaki Good People Executive Producer
Mahmoud Derbela Good People Producer
Karim Osman Good People Line Producer
Lucid Good People Post Production
Eslam Abo El Enien Good People Art Director
Nada Adel Good People Stylist
Amr Berri Good People Assistant Director
Nada Salama Good People Assistant Director
Aslan Tarek Good People Post Producer
Amr Rabee Good People Editor
Sary Hany Good People Music composer
Belal Hebri Good People Colorist
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